Sunday, March 18, 2007

Judges & Christians: Who is Trusting God?

In this commentary by Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, he puts forth a rather repeated mantra of mainstream Evangelicals concerning the Pledge of Allegiance and rogue liberal Judges legislating God out of American life. Eventually, he concludes that such a drastic move by a Judicial Branch out of touch with the historic lifestyle of the American people can only lead to a complete removal of all religious aspects of American Christianity within the realm of American Government and, thereby, annihilating America's "Trust in God," the offical National Motto. This would be viewed as the official end of all friendliness to the religious life of those espousing a redemptive reltionship with the Savior of the World. God is officially excluded from America.

Christians across the land and beyond hold this view. The thought is, that because of the religious heritage of America and her distinct Christian moorings, this foundation should remain as it has for over 200 years, in spite of the Official Presidential policy put forth by President George W. Bush prior to the elections of 2004 to "help cultures change." In response to this ruling on the Pledge he also stated, ""America is a nation that values our relationship with an Almighty.""

Maybe such statements, which seem to conflict with one another, are really telling us what is actually taking place. Are we taking the time to analyze such statements beyond their appearance and the heated rhetoric which usually surrounds them? If we are not, is it possible that we are missing the truth about the nature of the relationship between God and Government?

For example, Republican President Bush, a conservative, says that America's relationship with God is valuable. This statement is completely consistent with historic conservatism. You would be hard pressed to find a conservative to disagree with this tenet. Yet, as a conservative President, Mr Bush is officially helping cultures to change around the world through American policy. This includes American culture. This idea definitely clashes with conservativism because it tends to do away with the past. That would include the official recognition of God. But President Bush is on record as opposing this policy. Does this make sense? Yes it does, but only under one scenario.

What if America is trusting God to implement her official duty of helping cultures change? If you think that this would require a completely new and different idea of the relationship between God and American Government, you are partially correct. Is this idea different within the context of modern political circles, religious and otherwise? Yes, definitely! Is this idea new within American history? Absolutely not!

Certain Founding Fathers understood the place of America within the tapestry of Biblical Prophecy, even though many others touted the founding of America as fulfilling Manifest Destiny, the New Israel of the World with America being the Promised Land. Noah Webster understood the Bible to say that America was the final national empire in the culmination of history before the return of Christ to this earth. As such, God's People were to have no part in the machinations of such a diabolical political system because they were separate, called out of the World to shine forth as lights to the World. This biblical idea was lost, no, buried, amidst the official America policy that Christians were the only people truly qualified for the offices governing a republican democracy, a democracy heralding the beginning of the New World; officially, the New Order of the Ages. This has been the official American position through the incremental disintegration of American culture to its current decadent state. God's people have , as a whole bought into this idea, as evidenced by their hearty participation in and identification with all things political. Meanwhile, the Ekklesia, the separate political institution founded by Christ, has been slowly coopted into this amalgamation with the political enemy of Christ, the World. Which brings us to our current dilemna.

If the World system is the political enemy of Jesus Christ, and the Scriptures reveal that it is, what is the message of the President and American Government? How can this be that "trust in God" is official American Policy?

Could it be that World Government or the governments of the World, through the leadership of America, has a purpose little understood by modern Christians? Could it be that God has ordained His enemies to exercise His authority in a limited way and for a limited purpose? Could it be that, at the same time, God has excluded His People from exercising that same authority? Could it be that, God has ordained His People to exercise authority of a different nature and for a different purpose? Could it be that each sphere of authority, as well as those administering that authority, have their own distinct binding agreement with God? Could it be that both groups "trust in God" to back them up in their exercise of that authority, even when members of the other group try to cross boundaries and exercise authority not belonging to them?

If the above is true, how does this change your view of the official American Motto of "In God we trust"? How does this change your view of American Christians getting so upset over the ruling of various judges? How might this change the way in which you conduct the affairs of your life on a daily basis?

Interesting questions, indeed!

Are we afraid to ask them?
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