Friday, March 30, 2007

The Battle For Political Faith

In the midst of our viewing this political slide into the depths of depravity, there are certain calls to keep the faith politically. We are reminded that American history is full of such examples which fall short of the exalted worthiness of American grandeur, yet the Republic stands still. This is no different in that the virtues of America will eventually shine forth, leading us all into the destiny of our calling as American citizens.

Would that we as Children of the most High God keep in the forefront of our thinking the wonderful grace of God in our lives. In Him, we fail to experience the pain of failure or disappointment. Men come and accompanying them is the stain of sin. Apart from grace imparted, these figures lack. They lack that which is required of all. Perfection tends to escape those made in the image of God, yet inheriting Adam's fall.

For that is what we are viewing in the politics of America: men walking apart from God's grace. And men attempting to manufacture there own version of God's touch fall into the mire of such vanity. As noble as it may sound, as virtuous as the work appears, the only accomplishment by such attempts is the accumulation of frustration. This state of ever falling short describes the faith of politics in this world.

Let us remember that which was secured for us by Calvary's resurrection. Our Messiah accomplished what only He could and offers it freely to all who will humbly accepts its provisions and limitations. The repentant heart cannot win the freedom already gained. The new Lord cannot offer anew that which He has already granted. His politics cannot be applied to anyone outside His Grace. Only a Holy God possesses that which world politics aspires to; Autonomous Divinity. Reconciliation to this same Holy God is the only fulfillment of the deepest need of every political citizen of this world.

Some that view this struggle have faith in the true Jesus. For those of you who possess this treasure, the struggle has everything to do with Faith, a faith you are curently exercising, a faith they are struggling to find. May they meet the only Person they need.
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