Monday, March 12, 2007

Fred Thompson, Ronald Reagan's Successor?

Who saw this coming????? Well, it hasn't actually happened yet, but the fact that Fred Thompson is publicly stating that he's considering running for President as a Republican candidate is extemely significant for conservatives.

As this article from WordNetDaily reveals, the former Senator from Tennessee and star of the television series, Law & Order, doesn't think it is too late to enter the race.

If he does enter, how does this change the field? From whom would Thompson take support? Or would he simply receive the vast majority of the undecideds at this early point in the campaign? How does the strategy of the other candidates change?

Does Thompson have a presidential image? Is he conservative enough on the issues that count, such as Prolife, gun control, illegal immigration, Marriage, Homosexuality, Civil Unions, the war on terror, Iraq, Middle East, Israel, etc?

Is he, as one person has stated, another Ronald Reagan? You be the judge. Either way, the race may become alot more interesting before too long!
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