Friday, August 31, 2012

A Mormon & a Roman Catholic - The Romney - Ryan Creed

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From One News Now comes this interesting article about the respective faiths of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with input from Evangelical Mike Huckabee. They inform just how important Mormonism and Roman Catholicism is to them in their quest to obtain the White House on behalf of Republicans. Click here for the full post.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney & Ryan - This is Best of the Republicans?

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Now that the Romney-Ryan ticket has been officially set at the Republican National Convention, excitement and anticipation seem to be the key words used to describe their anticipated battle at the polls with the incumbent Obama - Biden team.

For those die hard politico types that follow these detailed happenings within republican ranks, I have a few questions:

Are you kidding? This is all the republican Party has to offer in contrast to Obama? Of all the potential candidates to offer, this is it? You could say the same for the field of primary candidates also.

Looking through the republican landscape, this is all that can be found? Wow!

For the skeptical, this could be nothing more than a confirmation that elections tend to be something other than what they are portrayed as.

And what should the Christian say to this? Are they happy to have  another chance to vote for someone who will not represent their values? That must be comforting!

Christian Comments

In the previous post, I told of my experience on One News Now while commenting on various posts. My comments were removed. Well, it seems there has been a reversal of policy towrds me.

No, I was not contacted about my comments. So, I can only hope that once again allowing me to comment is for the long term. I also hope that removing my comment was a mistake.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

One News Now - Christian in Name Only?

One News Now is a Christian news and information site that is part of the American Family Association. Tim Wildmon is the current President of the organization founded by his father Don Wildmon in 1977.

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Tim Wildmon - President, American Family Association
 I personally have visited the site of One News Now and participated in some of their discussions about various issues. I found  the dialogue to be rather even handed and interesting. I never encountered a problem in participating.

One News Now recently changed the format of their entire website. It had been awhile since I had visited and decided to make a few comments. I didn't get very far. One gentleman and I were beginning to go back and forth on the issue of Jesus' impact and influence on the world. All of a sudden, I found my comments, instead of being instantly posted as usual, being held for "moderation" even though I could still see my comment. It only took a few minutes before the comment disappeared.

It really doesn't surprise me. I've noticed this hyper-sensitivity among Christians who profess their tolerance toward those who disagree with them for several years. While talking long and loud, their actions definitely speaker louder than and contrary to their verbal message. I've even noticed the same among American Family Radio's talk show hosts.

Please understand. I don't fault anyone for preventing someone from providing their opinion. After all, if it's your forum, you have the right to conduct it according to your own policies. I do, however,  fault those who prevent others from expressing themselves while professing their allegiance to the principle of welcoming all opinions. Its unbecoming to those professing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, it's hypocrisy!

And by the way, if someone wants to take offense at my questioning a Christian person or Christian organization, please feel free to state your case to me. I do expect, however, for it to take place with a certain amount of civility, even if it is rather animated. I don't mind explaining my words and actions to someone who may be a little bit upset. Unless you respond with vulgarity or extremely crass and personal comments, your statement will not be deleted, either.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Political Smokscreen of Voter Fraud


 Since this election cycle really kicked into high gear, there's been one issue that is a recurring theme. All major media news outlets are repeatedly raising the issue of potential voter fraud. Of course, this is followed by the soothing news that all is being possibly done to minimize voter fraud of all types and insure legitimate election results.

With that said, I wonder if the general population really understands how the election process works when it comes to tabulating votes around the country, then reporting the results to the public?

To understand the state of affairs since at least 1964, please read the following three pieces of information. The first one concern the workings of the then Voter News Service. The debacle of the 2000 election began a cry for voter election reform. The second also details earlier instances of voter fraud. The third is about the result of this cry for reform, the National Election Pool with Edison Research being the sole provider of exit poll data. This shuffling of the deck simply continued election business as usual.

So I ask you. How much faith do you have in a process that allows no oversight of its work? Can you see how the issue of voter ID fraud is a fraud itself?

Kinda makes me glad that the King I serve occupies His throne by Divine Right of Absolute Perfection!

The Christian & The Politics of Conspiracy

Political history is full of nefarious plots against all that is deemed good. America is not immune from this reality.

Political conspiracies make for great conversation. They garner attention into areas that would, otherwise, probably be considered dull, mundane and unimportant. More importantly, they spur many to take actions to rectify the results of the particular conspiracy.

This is usually rather innocuous unless the conspiracy is perpetrated within the realm of government. Then the proactive stance can easily be considered official rebellion with harsh measures taken by the powers that be.

For the professing Christian, this can prove to be problematic at least. Why?

Well, certain words of Jesus can create a conflict for the Christian when it comes to addressing certain official wrongs.

So what is a professing Christian to do?