Sunday, August 26, 2012

One News Now - Christian in Name Only?

One News Now is a Christian news and information site that is part of the American Family Association. Tim Wildmon is the current President of the organization founded by his father Don Wildmon in 1977.

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Tim Wildmon - President, American Family Association
 I personally have visited the site of One News Now and participated in some of their discussions about various issues. I found  the dialogue to be rather even handed and interesting. I never encountered a problem in participating.

One News Now recently changed the format of their entire website. It had been awhile since I had visited and decided to make a few comments. I didn't get very far. One gentleman and I were beginning to go back and forth on the issue of Jesus' impact and influence on the world. All of a sudden, I found my comments, instead of being instantly posted as usual, being held for "moderation" even though I could still see my comment. It only took a few minutes before the comment disappeared.

It really doesn't surprise me. I've noticed this hyper-sensitivity among Christians who profess their tolerance toward those who disagree with them for several years. While talking long and loud, their actions definitely speaker louder than and contrary to their verbal message. I've even noticed the same among American Family Radio's talk show hosts.

Please understand. I don't fault anyone for preventing someone from providing their opinion. After all, if it's your forum, you have the right to conduct it according to your own policies. I do, however,  fault those who prevent others from expressing themselves while professing their allegiance to the principle of welcoming all opinions. Its unbecoming to those professing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, it's hypocrisy!

And by the way, if someone wants to take offense at my questioning a Christian person or Christian organization, please feel free to state your case to me. I do expect, however, for it to take place with a certain amount of civility, even if it is rather animated. I don't mind explaining my words and actions to someone who may be a little bit upset. Unless you respond with vulgarity or extremely crass and personal comments, your statement will not be deleted, either.

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