Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Homosexuality The Same As A Little White Lie?

With The American Family Radio Network steadily becoming the preferred choice of Christians when it comes to talk radio, it can be interesting to listen to the details of their dialogue with others. I heard a short discussion today between a host and caller wherein the caller chided the host for categorizing sin, since, according to Romans 6, all sin leads to death. Therefore, in the eyes of God, homosexuality is no worse than theft. The host meekly agreed with the caller, leading the audience to believe that the caller was right.

While technically true, it must be remembered that God does distinguish between certain actions and ascribes a certain level of severity of some over others. Homosexual sin , as well as heterosexual sin (adultery and fornication), is called an "abomination." Many other actions, though forbidden by God, are not labeled as severely. These same sins, referred to as abominations, carry a more severe penalty than the less offensive ones.

God also differentiates between people while, at the same time, not being a respecter of persons. The book of James tells us that "teachers" will receive a greater level of judgment than others. Jesus Himself tells us that "to whom much is given, much is required."

It must be remembered that all Scripture is taken from a context. It comes from its immediate context as well as the broader context of the whole Bible. So while a point can seemingly be made by a single verse, that point must also fit within the evidence provided by the remainder of Scripture. Failure to do so can lead to doctrinal error which is dangerous,even for Christian talk show hosts.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mark Of Cain!

With his admitted non-traditional campaign, Herman Cain has promised to challenge Texas Governor Rick Perry for the evangelical vote to secure his quest of the GOP Presidential nomination.

With Governor Perry and Mitt Romney thought to hold the key to the Republican primaries, the emergence of Herman Cain has caught many by surprise. What has proven to be a rather dull group has taken on a surprising political sheen of interest as the straight talking Cain has proven so far that he can handle the rough and tumble of politics. A political novice, this highly successful businessman has seen his rivals wilt under the heat of pointed questions about particular policy while Cain forcefully answers all questions.

Therein lies his attractiveness. He knows what he believes and he's not afraid to articulate it as well as respond confidently to all enquiries. He's proving to be far more adept at Public Relations than any of his public counterparts, including Governor Perry.

Can you say Grass Roots? Tea, anyone?

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Crystal Clear Delusion

With the continuing debacle at the Crystal Cathedral comes this observation from Craig Huey of Election Forum.

The sad part of this observation is that the Gospel of Christ and the longtime message of Crystal Cathedral Founder Robert Schueller are thought to be the same. Sadly, many others think so, too.

The strong delusion promised by God for those continuing to seek such waywardness abides still, even in the hearts of professing Christians.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pat Robertson & The Words Of Jesus - Missing The Point

In the wake of Pat Robertson's blunder of approving of a spouse divorcing one who has alzheimers comes this article from the LA Times. It's about those who are really upset with Robertson's advice and the fact that these dissenters would normally agree with Robertson.

The bulk of the raw feeling seems to come from those who can't believe Robertson would advise someone to break their marriage vows, specifically, the section that traditionally says, "till death do us part."

While Scripture definitely agrees with the position of faithfully performing your vows, there lies a more fundamental issue that has been missed by many, but not all. The biblical position on divorce is very clear. The only legitimnate grounds for divorce is adultery. Jesus is very clear. Yet, Pat Robertson seems to have forgotten the very words of the Christ he professes to know and serve. The advice was given without any care for what the Word of God had to say on the matter. It seems that the immediate needs of a person are the only legitimate grounds for making decisions.

Welcome to apostate Christianity.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Unity of The Flag and Jesus

In the wake of the 10th anniversary memorial remembrances of 911, the one common theme that still echos from the ashes of that tragedy is the call for national unity. And the one common symbol significantly prominent in every gathering was the red, white and blue American Flag, Old Glory. It is the symbol of American unity.

And how important are symbols in the life of a nation? They are so important that the ones you see proudly displayed are not late comers on the national scene. They have, instead, been present since the founding era, and even earlier. These symbols represent certain traits and characteristics which have been deemed vital to being an American. And it's around these virtuous symbols that America's rich heritage is remembered and promoted.

But a nation's flag bears a unique duty. It's the one symbol in which all desired and praiseworthy characteristics are embodied. It's the one symbol which all true Americans can agree upon and rally around, especially in times if tragedy and crisis. And this has happened throughout America's colorful history.

Interestingly, the Bible Speaks of a flag which will one day be lifted up for all the World to come together in unity. In a time of extreme World crisis and desolation, this flag will appear and be the embodiment of all things unified. But this flag will not be completely sought after to represent the World. In spite of this non-consensus of World citizens, this flag will be the one flag visible to all.

This Flag is Jesus Christ. And He will one day rule this world in unity. As Creator and Savior, he has every right to do so. Do you know the Flag of Flags?