Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Tradition - Dallas Cowboys Football - Does Jerry Jones understand?

For almost four decades, the Dallas Cowboys have been a staple of Thanksgiving Day. They have become as expected as the turkey and dressing itself.

Yet, this tradition was built on a foundation that has proven to be solid for any sports franchise. If you win, and win consistently, a sports entity can build a formidable empire that will prove relatively impervious to the ravages of fickle fans. And that foundation is why the Cowboys are referred to with such Thanksgiving expectation rather than the Detroit Lions. The Lions, as well as all other teams not playing the Cowboys, have become nothing more than a time filling afterthought on the last Thursday of November.

Imagine that! This state of affairs has come to be for no other reason than winning.

Are you listening Jerry!

It wasn't the Owner! It wasn't the General Manager! It wasn't the Head Coach! It wasn't any individual player! Though all of the above contributed, being structured and operating in the right way is the real reason the Cowboys have enjoyed consistent, long-term success.

For almost two decades, Cowboys fans have been subjected to a new kind of tradition that is proving hard to stomach.  Yes, mediocrity and underachievement has become the norm, while the General Manager touts his best ever job skills.

The "socks to jocks" method is proving to be not so desirable!

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