Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christian Worldview - Are Christians to Suffer A Political Holocaust?


Note: This article was written during President Bush's Second Term

In this article from World Net Daily, Rabbi Daniel Lapin gives a stern warning to American Christians that there are concerted attempts to diminish or actually exterminate the influence and impact Christians have in the world today, especially in the political realm. He provides proof of this campaign by citing the many examples of books currently being published containing overt anti Christian rhetoric and bias.

So, presuming such a plan has been implemented, how is such a large campaign carried out to successful fruition? With hundreds of millions of Christians in the world and tens of millions in the United States and with an Evangelical Christian as President in George W. Bush, how does one eliminate such a large population group? Is it possible that a worldwide holocaust is about to begin? I admit that such a thought seems out of the realm of possibility in such a civilized era such as ours, but do we dare eliminate this possibility, seeing that we are only 60 years removed from the human blight of Adolf Hitler?

Even now, the world is being warned of the potential repercussions of Europe's rejection of Christianity by Pope Leo XVI. And America is faced with the same consolidation of Europe into one bloc of nations, The North American Union. Are we to face the same annihilation through amalgamation of law and culture Europe has experienced? Are we about to see the distinctives of America become merged with those of Canada and Mexico? If so, what are the implications for the Christian?
Do the policies of Hitler return under the same type of human rights concerns? Are Christians going to be eliminated because of their negative impact on the world around them? Does the morally high ground of Christians and their God become the sacrificial altar upon which their literal blood is sacrificed. Do we see the policies of Cain make a widespread return? Is this to be the reaction of Cain to the righteousness preached by the Prophet Abel? Or do we turn a deaf ear to such ridiculous notions?

Or maybe the concerted effort to eliminate Christian ideas is to subvert their Christian distinctives. Is it possible that the best way to eliminate your enemy is to convince them to join you? Are Christians even aware of such modus operandi? Is it even a consideration that Christian enemies are subtly luring Christians into beliefs and practices that Jesus Christ never condones. Are we being sold a bill of spiritual goods which the Word of God specifically condemns?

If so, what are the results of such a diabolical subversion? Could it be that the plan is to turn Christians into the same as everyone else around them. They look the same. They believe the same. They act the same. They unknowingly serve the same agendas. Their values are slowly morphed into the will of others they know not. Their ignorance is used against them. And in the name of serving God, abominations against their God are engaged in.

Does this sound rather far fetched? I can understand why if that is the case. But the realities of Jewish elimination under the righteousness of the Third Reich in the not so distant past should serve to tell us that human depravity ever lurks beneath the thin veneer of civilized man. In fact, it could be said at this time that civilization has developed cracks and gaping holes which are in danger of becoming the norm, something the Jews know about intimately.

He that has ears to hear...........

Liberty in Christ - Free from the Law?

The next time you get stopped by a Police Officer, try convincing him that he's nothing but a legalist and he's impeding your liberty in Christ because Christ has made you free from the law! See how far that gets you!
See The Politics of Heaven - The Christian Worldview
Photo: The next time you get stopped by a Police Officer, try convincing him that he's nothing but a legalist and he's impeding your liberty in Christ because Christ has made you free from the law! See how far that gets you!
Does Liberty in Christ mean that we don't have to obey laws? If not, then whose laws do we obey?

American Christian Heritage? - What About the Pagans?

If the presence of Christian words, phrases and symbols on, in and around government buildings are evidence of the Christian heritage of the United States, what is the presence of many more Pagan words, phrases, and symbols on, in and around those same buildings evidence of? 
See Politics of Heaven - The Christian Worldview
Photo: If the presence of Christian words, phrases and symbols on, in and around government buildings are evidence of the Christian heritage of the United States, what is the presence of many more Pagan words, phrases, and symbols on, in and around those same buildings evidence of?
The Capitol - Pagan Dieties mingling with America's Founders

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The National Prayer Breakfast - Did God Speak Throught President Obama?

Well, President Obama's done it again. He has Christians of many stripes in an uproar because of his callous and potentially unpardonable sin; he quoted Jesus as support for his idea of taxing the rich.

I must admit, if you're going to the National Prayer breakfast as a politician, Jesus is One you might want to associate yourself with, especially when it comes to advocating a policy not highly regarded among most of the Evangelical audience. But, needless to say, this action wasn't warmly received. In fact, as I said, most are outraged and expressing their shock, disdain and offense at such highly insensitive and proud remarks.

I must wonder though, if the denunciation of President Obama's use of the Bible (The King James Version at that!) to give credence to the plan to increases taxes on the rich in American Society is being thoroughly examined by anyone? All I hear so far is the bemoaning of poor Bible exegesis by the President and castigating him for his audacious actions of teaching the National Prayer Breakfast multitudes using the very Words of God in the flesh for his proof text.

A Little Reality is in order.

The most common argument against Obama's use of Jesus' words is the misapplication of them by the President. It is being said that in Luke chapter 12 Jesus was talking about personal responsibility before God and God alone for the use of resources acquired by someone. The idea that this could apply to a relationship involving Government and a taxpayer was not considered and should not be considered at all. This is simply between God and and an individual.

For the Believer in Christ serious about "rightly dividing the word of truth," it is easy to overcome this objection. It must be remembered that Jesus in no way eliminated an individual's relationship with "Caesar." The phrase "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's" is one of the most well known comments of Jesus especially when considering the duties and responsibilities of Believers in Christ toward secular government. Surely, those raising the cry against President Obama at The National Prayer Breakfast are not going to deny Caesar, in this case, The US Government, the right to ask the individual to pay legitimate taxes, are they? Putting the issue of what is "legitimate" or not aside, the issue of paying lawfully due taxes to Caesar should not be of concern in this instance. If it is, then a whole new series of issues arise outside the scope of this discussion.

So, assuming that the issue of paying lawful taxes to Caesar is not at issue, we are left with nothing more than disagreeing with President Obama about the limited set of Scripture cited by him in his statements about taxing the rich and the rate of taxation to be levied by the Obama Administration on the "rich." We are left with nothing more than rank secular politics.

The Real Core Issue

What we are left with is the fundamental difference that many professing Christians in the United States have with the policies and beliefs of President Obama. As stark as these may be, they, in no way, detract from the true duties and responsibilities these same professing Christians have toward the Obama Administration as outlined in the same Book cited by the President:

  1. They are to honor this administration.
  2. They are not to "rail" against this administration with their words and actions.
  3. They are to submit to this administration short of disobeying a direct command of Jesus.
  4. They are to pray for the salvation of the Obama administration.
  5. They are to acknowledge that the Obama administration is "ordained by God" to be in power at this time in history.
  6. They are to acknowledge that the Obama administration is ordained by God to reward good and evil.
  7. They are to acknowledge that the Obama Administration are the "deacons" of God to oversee good and evil.

Assuming that these defined duties are being responsibly exercised, should it concern professing Christians that "bad" laws are being passed in this country that negatively impact its citizens? Everyone will agree that "yes" it should concern us a Christians!. But is that all that we should ask? I say that it isn't. How about one more question?


Most concerned with the issue of bad laws will usually resort to the safe haven of faulty ideology on the part of the Obama Administration. While simplistic as best, it does not reach to the root of the problem for God's people. Fortunately, we are not left to our own understanding. Jesus and His Prophets have previously spoken. We would do well to listen.

Jesus says in Matthew 5:17 that He didn't come to destroy the Law, He came to fulfill it. Two verses later, He also states that the person that breaks the least of His commandments and teaches men so, is the least in the Kingdom of heaven; that whoever does them and teaches them is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Prophet Ezekiel had a few things to say on behalf of God to the Israelites regarding the Law. The 20th chapter of Ezekiel tells how God had given them Laws, Statutes and Judgments to live their lives by. But they rejected these and turned elsewhere. Because of this rejection of God's Laws, Statutes and judgments in their lives, God says that he gave them "statutes that were no good and judgments whereby they should not live."

The reason for God doing this was simple, "to make them desolate that they might know that I am the LORD."

American Spiritual heritage is full of professed Believers in Christ denying the validity of Gods Law over us in our lives. The reason given is that "we are not under the law." Galatians reveals that he that is under the law is under the curse of the Law. However, a little Bible exegesis reveals that what we are no longer under, what we have been redeemed from is not the law, but the "curse" of the Law. Paul tells us further that the Law is holy and spiritual. He finally tells us that by faith, the Law is established. But, alas, Believers by the droves have officially rejected the validity of their duty to conform their lives to God's Law. And we wonder why our lives in America are steadily looking toward the bleak side while we point the finger currently at the Obama Administration.

Is it possible that the actions of an administration so poorly thought of by many Americans are, in truth, in line with the God of the Bible we supposedly so diligently follow? Is it possible that the further taxing of the rich is an indication that we are under the judgment of God. Is it possible that the scourge of Abortion is another indicator?

Please understand me. I'm not saying that all these bad laws and their outworking are leading to God's Judgment. God's Word says that the bad laws ARE the Judgement of God. Obama is simply speaking and carrying out God's oversight of the universal principle of sowing and reaping. Christians living in America have sown the rejection of God's Law. We are now reaping the inevitable result, bad laws of men.

Is it any wonder that we don't like them? A holy and righteous God awaits our repentance.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Evolution or Creation of a Confrontation? Ken Ham Challenges Bill Nye, The Science Guy


In case you haven't heard, Bill Nye The Science Guy has been challenged to a debate by Ken Ham, Founder of Answers in Genesis, an apologetics Ministry.

Bill Nye caused a rucus when he termed the teaching of Creation as detailed in the Bible book of Genesis as "inappropriate" to teach children.

Ken Ham and his staff have rebutted his assertions prior to this public challenge.

We shall see if Bill Nye can withstand the result of his evolutionary zealousness!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Christian Worldview - Evolution & Science Vs Creation, God & The Bible

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis
In the seemingly never ending antagonism between science and religion over the issues of the validity of the theory of Evolution as opposed to the literal merits of the Bible, there usually fails to be a truly coherent understanding of the major issues at hand. This happens for various reasons but, regardless, there need to be some clarification in order to at least begin to eliminate some of the confusion that many seem to have in attempting to draw basic conclusions. I believe this to also be the case in the recent furor created over the comments of Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham, Creationist proponent from Answers in Genesis.

The first thing that I believe is vital to eventually coming to understand the issues involved and resolving any supposed conflicts of information is patience. Any one who thinks that they will begin to wade through the voluminous amounts of information available to inspect and compare and immediately come to an understanding is being slightly naive.

The second thing I believes needs to be understood is that there is a huge amount of information available that is simply wrong to begin with or the information available has been used in the wrong fashion and is being presented with certain conclusions being presented as fact. This is true of both sides of the debate. Yes, that includes the "Christian" side.

So, not everything presented as science is truly science as observable and verifiable fact. And not everything presented as Bible Truth is verified as Truth when compared to the whole context of the Bible.

Creation Evidences Museum
Dr. Carl Baugh
 So, to add an interesting twist to this ongoing struggle between Science and the Bible, I offer this link to a thesis paper written by Carl Baugh, Founder of The Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.

The paper proposes the scientific and Biblical probabilities of a Pre Flood crystalline canopy over the earth using both Scripture and Science.

 You may think that this is rather unique in the field of Science and Scripture. It is more than unique. Dr Baugh has a patented Hyperbaric Pressure method of growing plant and animal life in a working model on the site at Glen Rose. This working model simulates living conditions before Noah's Flood as recorded in Genesis. More information is to come on that at a later time.                            


Christian Worldview - School Children, Doctors & Behavior

Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis

I came across this piece of info while perusing the blog of Ken Ham. I thought it might be interesting to ponder.

But only if you don't know what "ODD" and "IED" is. The potential ramifications of such labeling and justification of destructive behavior are apparently ignored in view of sparing the child the unsavory aspect of having the child acknowledge and properly deal with his own actions. Or having someone else deal with them, say the Criminal Justice System.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Christian World View - Bill Nye & Ken Ham

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Bill Nye, The Science Guy has recently caused an uproar over his video assertion that it is inappropriate to teach children that Creation as recorded in the Bible in the book of Genesis is factually correct. Proponents of the Theory of Evolution, of which Bill Nye is one, insist that the facts of the modern scientific record do not support the literal account of Genesis.

A portion of this video was recorded in front of the Creation Museum built in Kentucky by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, an apologetics ministry. It has currently received over 3 million hits.
Creation Museum - Pertersburg, Kentucky
Founder of Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham and his staff were quick to respond to this details of this video and its implications. Access to the full multi-media response can be found at his blog, Around the World with Ken Ham. Another blog post can be found at Truth Buyer of Christian World View.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Christian Worldview - Obama VS Romney


In the one event receiving the most worldwide attention every four years not named the Olympics, we have two supposedly opposite visions competing for the official acknowledgment of the American voter. President Obama and Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney are presenting competing views and methods to turn around the current American cultural mire this coming November.

And of course, the Christian voter is not the least of the voting blocks being courted for their attention. Which means that Biblical phrases and imagery of various stripes will be used to align each candidate with official Divine approval. After all, who can resist having your candidate offered as God's choice?

While such wrangling will be occurring with increasing frequency from now till election time, I wonder  how many will actually conduct any kind of study and research into the validity of the portions of the Bible presented to them? With particular religions and religious views of the candidates open for discussion, what steps will be taken, if any, to ascertain who tells the Truth. Of course, that presumes that the Truth exists somewhere within the presentation and discussion. Is Mitt Romney's Mormonism Truth or does it just contain a portion of Truth. Does the Roman Catholicism of Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan contain the answers for the genuine Seeker of Truth. Or does the rather minority version of President Obama's Christianity carry any validity for us to ascertain?

Then again, the electorate could be left to look to American Civil Religion for their answers. You know, The American Dream, The American Way as inspired by God and revealed through the American Patriot, The Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence,  The Constitution and current Office Holders as well as current political candidates.

Either way, the Bible is merged with phrases, symbols and images which oppose its central message and tenets, especially regarding the arena of politics. This can be demonstrated on an individual basis, but who will take the time to find out what agrees or disagrees with Scripture? Who will take the time to become familiar enough with the Bible to recognize the similarities or disparities?

It is certain that those who do not spend the necessary time to search out the Truths of the Bible in this area will become subject to political manipulation simply because of ignorance. The Christian World Views presented by the various candidates in their speeches will prevail because the listeners will not know any better. They will have no basis to disagree, so they will tacitly accept the message delivered. And in this ignorance, they will declare themselves to be free while the chains of their self imposed slavery rattle in comfort.

And as stated before, who is to know that your declaration of freedom violates the clear principle declared by Jesus about the direct correlation of Knowledge of the Word of God and freedom? Not you! A Christian World View not of the Bible has won your heart!