Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Powers That Be - Is God really in Control?

When God tells us to not resist or oppose the powers that be be that He has ordained for His purposes, is it possible that God really means for us to not resist or oppose the powers that be that He has ordained for His purposes?

Monday, October 14, 2013

American Origins - Christian or ???????

I've been asking this question for several years and have never received a response other than silence, even when the question was asked face to face. The question is this. ..........."If certain signs, symbols. words and phrases on government buildings and documents are to be considered legitimate evidence for the United States being a Christian Nation, what are the many more pagan signs, symbols, words and phrases on government buildings and documents to be taken as evidence of?

Jesus & Government - Different Politicians?

The Bible reveals that there is a difference in the politics of God's saved People and the politics of this lost and dying World. The two were never meant to mix. And only one will last eternally.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

American Protestors - Government Property or Owners - Master or Slaves

I just read where protestors in Washington DC have removed barricades that purportedly belong to the American people.
If there's one thing that Americans need to come to understand, it's the Bible revelation about what constitutes slavery. When a person or group of people become debtors, they become slaves, serving the one they owe. 
The American people are the largest group of debtors in the world, yet stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their chains. Sadly, most professing Christians are of the same mindset. Thus they are easily persuaded to speak proudly and commit acts of rebellion against their masters and further tighten the chains of their bondage.
In this case, ignorance Is definitely not bliss for the masses. Their masters really are in control.
God's Word says so!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown - A new Perspective!

 I read a man's statement a few days ago that said it wasn't government shutting down that concerned him, but the government starting back up!

Can't help but kinda agree with him!

The American Jesus - God, Country and the Bible

The Apostle Paul warned about accepting "another" Jesus, a Jesus other than the one described in the Bible.

Many churches in the United States have accepted an American version of Jesus.  This  Red, White and Blue Savior cannot be recognized when compared with the description of the true Jesus of scripture?  And most readily look to American government! with it's Roman origins, as the provider of all their needs? 

Is it any wonder that the lives of professing Christians in America look more like popular American society rather than the life called for by God in the flesh?

Postmodernism or Rebellion? Cowards for Jesus in the Church

I just thought I would share this casual day of rest observation.

It shames me to say that most professing Christians are cowards and wimps. They are afraid to seriously study the Word of God and even attempt to live by it simply because the cost of doing so is too great. It will require them to change so much in their lives and make them too different from others around them. The ridicule from such changes is too much for them to bear.
So, they continue merrily along their way living their accommodating life that mirrors this world, espousing the same kind of wimpy, syrupy sweet, live any way you want to because Jesus loves you anyway! kind of life for God. This kind of life sounds great until you compare it with the Bible.
And this goes for the leadership of most churches as well. Of course, the reason these leaders hold these positions is because the people in the pews want it that way. There's nothing like official approval for your disapproval of the Word of God!
The sad part of this reality is that It's pervasive In churches today. It's the norm rather than the exception.
No wonder Jesus asked if He would find faith on this earth when He returned.

US Government Shutdown? Which Government do Professing Christians Serve?

Many have been focused on the US government shutdown and asking what everyone thinks about "our" government shutting down operations.
Since, as believers in the risen Christ, "our" citizenship is in Heaven (the New Jerusalem), I believe "our"administration is humming right along. Jesus remains on the throne. Our status and duties as Ambassadors of Christ remain unchanged. The Kingdom of God and Heaven are as secure as they always have been. The real question may be, as Christians, do we really believe this? Do we conduct our lives on earth in a way that demonstrates this reality of Heaven?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Government Shutdown in Heaven?

 The government of the Kingdom of God has never nor will it ever shut down for any reason!