Sunday, October 13, 2013

American Protestors - Government Property or Owners - Master or Slaves

I just read where protestors in Washington DC have removed barricades that purportedly belong to the American people.
If there's one thing that Americans need to come to understand, it's the Bible revelation about what constitutes slavery. When a person or group of people become debtors, they become slaves, serving the one they owe. 
The American people are the largest group of debtors in the world, yet stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their chains. Sadly, most professing Christians are of the same mindset. Thus they are easily persuaded to speak proudly and commit acts of rebellion against their masters and further tighten the chains of their bondage.
In this case, ignorance Is definitely not bliss for the masses. Their masters really are in control.
God's Word says so!
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