Saturday, October 12, 2013

Postmodernism or Rebellion? Cowards for Jesus in the Church

I just thought I would share this casual day of rest observation.

It shames me to say that most professing Christians are cowards and wimps. They are afraid to seriously study the Word of God and even attempt to live by it simply because the cost of doing so is too great. It will require them to change so much in their lives and make them too different from others around them. The ridicule from such changes is too much for them to bear.
So, they continue merrily along their way living their accommodating life that mirrors this world, espousing the same kind of wimpy, syrupy sweet, live any way you want to because Jesus loves you anyway! kind of life for God. This kind of life sounds great until you compare it with the Bible.
And this goes for the leadership of most churches as well. Of course, the reason these leaders hold these positions is because the people in the pews want it that way. There's nothing like official approval for your disapproval of the Word of God!
The sad part of this reality is that It's pervasive In churches today. It's the norm rather than the exception.
No wonder Jesus asked if He would find faith on this earth when He returned.
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