Saturday, December 28, 2013

God, Christ and the Law - No longer Condemned!

Being under the law means to be under the curse of the law. Christ didn't redeem us from the law; He redeemed us from the Law's curse. There's a big difference!

God's Standard - Some Things Never Change!

Salvation has always been by grace through faith!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Tradition - Dallas Cowboys Football - Does Jerry Jones understand?

For almost four decades, the Dallas Cowboys have been a staple of Thanksgiving Day. They have become as expected as the turkey and dressing itself.

Yet, this tradition was built on a foundation that has proven to be solid for any sports franchise. If you win, and win consistently, a sports entity can build a formidable empire that will prove relatively impervious to the ravages of fickle fans. And that foundation is why the Cowboys are referred to with such Thanksgiving expectation rather than the Detroit Lions. The Lions, as well as all other teams not playing the Cowboys, have become nothing more than a time filling afterthought on the last Thursday of November.

Imagine that! This state of affairs has come to be for no other reason than winning.

Are you listening Jerry!

It wasn't the Owner! It wasn't the General Manager! It wasn't the Head Coach! It wasn't any individual player! Though all of the above contributed, being structured and operating in the right way is the real reason the Cowboys have enjoyed consistent, long-term success.

For almost two decades, Cowboys fans have been subjected to a new kind of tradition that is proving hard to stomach.  Yes, mediocrity and underachievement has become the norm, while the General Manager touts his best ever job skills.

The "socks to jocks" method is proving to be not so desirable!

The Authentic Self - Reflections of Truth?

For those of you suffering from an inferiority complex, here's a little pick-me-up!

Getting Married: Performing Due Diligence Before the Wedding!

It might be a good idea to be as familiar with your girl prior to your wedding night. At that point, it might be a little late for surprises!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Powers That Be - Is God really in Control?

When God tells us to not resist or oppose the powers that be be that He has ordained for His purposes, is it possible that God really means for us to not resist or oppose the powers that be that He has ordained for His purposes?

Monday, October 14, 2013

American Origins - Christian or ???????

I've been asking this question for several years and have never received a response other than silence, even when the question was asked face to face. The question is this. ..........."If certain signs, symbols. words and phrases on government buildings and documents are to be considered legitimate evidence for the United States being a Christian Nation, what are the many more pagan signs, symbols, words and phrases on government buildings and documents to be taken as evidence of?

Jesus & Government - Different Politicians?

The Bible reveals that there is a difference in the politics of God's saved People and the politics of this lost and dying World. The two were never meant to mix. And only one will last eternally.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

American Protestors - Government Property or Owners - Master or Slaves

I just read where protestors in Washington DC have removed barricades that purportedly belong to the American people.
If there's one thing that Americans need to come to understand, it's the Bible revelation about what constitutes slavery. When a person or group of people become debtors, they become slaves, serving the one they owe. 
The American people are the largest group of debtors in the world, yet stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their chains. Sadly, most professing Christians are of the same mindset. Thus they are easily persuaded to speak proudly and commit acts of rebellion against their masters and further tighten the chains of their bondage.
In this case, ignorance Is definitely not bliss for the masses. Their masters really are in control.
God's Word says so!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown - A new Perspective!

 I read a man's statement a few days ago that said it wasn't government shutting down that concerned him, but the government starting back up!

Can't help but kinda agree with him!

The American Jesus - God, Country and the Bible

The Apostle Paul warned about accepting "another" Jesus, a Jesus other than the one described in the Bible.

Many churches in the United States have accepted an American version of Jesus.  This  Red, White and Blue Savior cannot be recognized when compared with the description of the true Jesus of scripture?  And most readily look to American government! with it's Roman origins, as the provider of all their needs? 

Is it any wonder that the lives of professing Christians in America look more like popular American society rather than the life called for by God in the flesh?

Postmodernism or Rebellion? Cowards for Jesus in the Church

I just thought I would share this casual day of rest observation.

It shames me to say that most professing Christians are cowards and wimps. They are afraid to seriously study the Word of God and even attempt to live by it simply because the cost of doing so is too great. It will require them to change so much in their lives and make them too different from others around them. The ridicule from such changes is too much for them to bear.
So, they continue merrily along their way living their accommodating life that mirrors this world, espousing the same kind of wimpy, syrupy sweet, live any way you want to because Jesus loves you anyway! kind of life for God. This kind of life sounds great until you compare it with the Bible.
And this goes for the leadership of most churches as well. Of course, the reason these leaders hold these positions is because the people in the pews want it that way. There's nothing like official approval for your disapproval of the Word of God!
The sad part of this reality is that It's pervasive In churches today. It's the norm rather than the exception.
No wonder Jesus asked if He would find faith on this earth when He returned.

US Government Shutdown? Which Government do Professing Christians Serve?

Many have been focused on the US government shutdown and asking what everyone thinks about "our" government shutting down operations.
Since, as believers in the risen Christ, "our" citizenship is in Heaven (the New Jerusalem), I believe "our"administration is humming right along. Jesus remains on the throne. Our status and duties as Ambassadors of Christ remain unchanged. The Kingdom of God and Heaven are as secure as they always have been. The real question may be, as Christians, do we really believe this? Do we conduct our lives on earth in a way that demonstrates this reality of Heaven?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Government Shutdown in Heaven?

 The government of the Kingdom of God has never nor will it ever shut down for any reason!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Founding Father of the Kingdom of God - The Politics of Eternal Power

There's one thing about the Kingdom of God that differs from the Kingdoms of this World. The  Founding Father of the Kingdom of God and His Founding principles may be ignored, berated and denounced, but the citizens of the kingdom can always count on their King to maintainj power and authority. He is the only Eternal King of Glory, possessing all authority in heaven and earth. Long live King Jesus!

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility - When It Comes To Super Bowl P...

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility - When It Comes To Super Bowl P...: During a late July "State of The Cowboys" address, Jerry Jones showed several signs that three consecutive seasons without a...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Children are a Blessing, not a Burden

How anyone could look on babies as anything other than precious is beyond me. To do so is a sad commentary on the individual human heart. It must be remembered that only God can change such a condition!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bible Knowledge Necessary for the Christian

If you are a Christian and aren't very familiar with the Word of God, The Bible, you will probably have difficulty living life the way God would have you. Winging it according to feelings, traditions and the thoughts of men, will not be the same as what the Bible reveals. Conventional wisdom many time disagrees with the Word He has provided for His Disciples.

Nothing substitutes meditation and study of the Word of God for helping us to understand how God would have us think and act while living on this earth.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility - For First Impressions, Alex B...

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility - For First Impressions, Alex B...: It was most certainly a noticeable first impression that garnered Alex Barron national attention in September of 2010.   In his first g...

Jesus and Violence - Understanding the Law

I have found many Christians uncomfortable talking about Jesus throwing the money changers out of the Temple. It's a side of Jesus that proves tough to explain in light of the pacifist image portrayed most about the Son of God.

What Jesus was actually doing was protecting private property. His reference to "My Father's House" gives us the first indication of the basis of His actions. Under the Law a person could take actions to deal with situations on his own property. Being His Father's Son and legal, rightful heir, Jesus also had the right to protect His Father's interests.

When others intrude onto private property or into relationships in which they have no authority, those vested with the proper authority may lawfully respond. God has created life on this earth with certain bounds. When those bounds are violated, the person committing the trespass is subject to immediate action and, eventually judgment.

So, when you take action, especially when protecting or defending the interests of others, make sure you have the legal right and authority to do so. Jesus did!
Jesus always followed the Law!

God, Government & the Bible

In order to understand the US Constitution and American government, one must first understand the Bible. If you misunderstand what the Bible reveals about secular governments, then your political understanding will be at the mercy of those who interpret the Bible to fit their particular worldview instead of allowing the Bible to speak plainly.
Does the Traditional Christian worldview about Government agree with the Bible?

Jesus, His Kingdom & the World -Who's Leading You?

Many professing Christians are so busy trying to understand the methodology of the New World Order that they have failed to first learn the methodology of the Kingdom of God.

Marriage - How Good is Yours?

Marriage is a gift from God. The quality of our marriage depends on how closely we follow God's design. That design is only found in the Bible. Are you seeking to know and follow that design?

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Legacy Five - I've Been Changed!

Pray for Obama? The Bible Tells us Why

I've seen some calls by Christians to pray for the Obama administration and all government personnel. This is truly an idea that comes from the Bible and is not to be disparaged or taken lightly. But I wonder if anyone has taken the time to look into the reasons the Apostle Paul gave for praying for "kings and for all in authority?"........................................

The last reason might be surprising. 

I Timothy 2:4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

We should be praying for the salvation of government officials. Why? Because government is the realm of the lost, those that know not God or His Son Jesus. God has placed lost people, those that have rejected God, in a place of governing this world for His purposes. In scandalous times like these, it is easy to focus on things other than the most basic and necessary for men, reconciliation with God. That includes President Obama and all IRS Officials, etc. May we be reminded of God's priorities.

God's Gift of Children - Property????????

It must be remembered this quote of Benjamin Rush, Founding Father and Signer of the Declaration of Independence, "We should teach our pupils that they do not belong to themselves, but are public property."....................­....................If you think the idea that children are property of the State is new, think again. It's been in America for awhile.

What is Your Final Authority for Living Life?

I've noticed that many so called "Christians" don't like the idea of a standard they must live by and be accountable to. When it comes to God's law, that's being legalistic, narrow-minded and judgmental!............ But let the New World Order and their secular Politicians do the same with their laws - or the lack thereof - and these same Christians start screaming about the filthy, immoral lifestyles of some who have seemingly cast off all standards to do what they individually think best! .......Sounds kinda hollow! Sounds kinda double-minded! So, what's it going to be? Ordering your life according to laws or not? If so, whose laws do you choose to be your final authority?

Evolution VS God - Do You Understand Your Own Beliefs?

Do you understand what is happening in American Culture regarding the Beliefs of professing Christians? Do you realize where the attack lies. Can you articulate your beliefs to those who may fundamentally disagree with them. Read this article and watch the video from Ken Ham and Answers  in Genesis.

Does God Rule Over Both Tyranny & Freedom?

  It makes certain people uncomfortable to realize that God also ordains tyrants to rule in secular government.

The New World Order - God Ordained or Conspiracy Theory?

The New World Order is a concept revealed in the Bible, yet rarely understood from a truly biblical position. Men, even Christian men, tend to view it through the eyes of the World. The result of this is a "Christian view" that misses entirely or distorts what the Bible actually says while those holding this view live a life dictated by and centered on the World instead of Scripture. So, while many profess a life lived in allegiance to the Savior, they dance to the tune played by the god of this Age.
The New World Order was ordained by God for His purposes!

God, Jesus & Caesar - Christian Obedience of the Law

Not one man-made law nullifies God's Commands to us as His Children.
The choice is ours!

The Evidence for Christian America - Is Ignorance Bliss?

If the presence of Christian words, phrases and symbols on, in and around government buildings are evidence of the Christian heritage of the United States, what is the presence of many more Pagan words, phrases, and symbols on, in and around those same buildings evidence of?
Are professing Christians ignoring evidence of the origins of America?

Legacy Five - I Stand Redeemed

It's always a good thing to be reminded that we have been made right with a holy God, not because of what we have done, but only because of what Jesus accomplished by His Death, burial and resurrection. By faith in Him and his finished work on our behalf, we stand before Him redeemed!

Jesus & American Culture - The War of World Views

When it comes to how we, as Believers in Christ, conduct our lives on a daily basis, what standard have we chosen to determine and govern our actions? Does the increasingly perverted American culture hold our attention while we adopt their standards? Or do we seek the Culture of Christ for His Disciples as revealed in the Bible? Or is your attitude that of an increasing number among professing Believers, that it really does not matter as long as what you do is done with a heart for God?
Whose culture are you living out? The World's or Christ's?

Jesus, Politics & Allegiance - Whom do You Serve?

When it comes to involvement in the politics of this World as a Believer in Jesus Of the Bible, it's always good to remember our primary citizenship. After all, we are Ambassadors for Christ to a lost and dying World. We represent the political interests of the Kingdom of God to a World system that hung The King of Kings on a cross.
Does your political allegiance belong to  Jesus and His Kingdom?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Jesus & Truth - The Way of Life

For those who tend to rely on their own abilities (I believe that includes us all), these words of Jesus should help bring use back to reality.
We need Jesus for all of life.

Jesus & Life - The Creator Knows His Own

It might be worth your time to realize that God really does rule the universe. That includes you and the life you lead. That's right! You are not in charge!!!!! So, instead of trying to lead, maybe it's time to follow, follow the Great Shepherd. After all, He knows exactly what His sheep need....Him!!!!
Are you Following ???

Jesus is the Standard for Life - How do You Measure Up?

When life is over and all your activities are judged by God according to His Word, just how necessary and important were your actions today?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Kingdom of God & The World - Spiritual Maturity

There are many professing Christians who have yet to acknowledge by their lifestyle that the Kingdom of God and this World system are completely separate entities and at enmity with one another. As Jesus told his disciples, "This world hates me.They will hate you also."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Drought - Jerry Jones and Anthony Wright

The Dallas Cowboys are approaching the two decade mark in their Super Bowl drought. There are many reasons why this is so. Behind them all is the General Manager, Jerry Jones. One specific reason to point to in their Worst Decade in History is quarterback Anthony Wright.

By Ryan Bush

Anthony Wright, shown here in a game against Oakland, started six games for the Cowboys after Troy Aikman's career-ending injury in December of 2000. Wright never topped the 200-yard mark in passing, a big reason he left the Cowboys with a 1-5 mark as a starter. His 9-yard performance against the Titans to end the 2000 season will forever be remembered as one of the most uninspiring outings in the history of America's Team.

For a hard-copy of Decade of Futility, click here:

For the Kindle version of Decade of Futility, click here

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility Answers Questions For Dallas Co...

Dallas Cowboys Decade of Futility: Decade of Futility Answers Questions For Dallas Co...: "How could the Team of The '90s follow such a thrilling decade up with one of such infamy?"  One of the most oft-asked q...

Slavery is not About Race - It's About God and Mankind

Jesus said, "No man can serve two masters."

 The Bible reveals that all on this earth are, ultimately and literally, slaves. We are someone else’s Property. We belong to someone else. Someone else is our master.

The Bible also reveals that you belong to one of only two ultimate masters.

You either belong to the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus as citizens of His Kingdom or you belong to the god of this World, Satan, as citizens of this World and his Kingdoms / nations.

Who is your master?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Here we go again - Jerry Jones, The Dallas Cowboys & the Super Bowl

In the ever surprising world of Jerry Jones, there's one thing that is never surprising. Jerry forever links his beloved Cowboys with the Super Bowl. Do they deserve such accolades on such a regular basis? Probably not. Just don't attempt to tell Jerry that. Reality tends to be one of those facts of life that Jerry morphs into his own, then pushes as far into the foreseeable future as possible. All is good, whether it is or not. Some things never change.
by Ryan Bush

In Thursday's "State of The Cowboys" address, Jerry Jones showed several signs that three consecutive seasons without a playoff berth were taking its toll, admitting that the Cowboys "have got a lot of work to do."

Yet, being the cheerleader that he is, he couldn't help but talk about how much better the team is at this juncture than a year ago, and even managed to insert a comment - though tongue-in-cheek it may have seemed - about making a run at the Super Bowl.

This pre-training camp talk about a push to the Super Bowl is a Jones trademark. During the writing of Decade of Futility, I was shocked to learn just how much so. Since the "One Year Away" Cowboys shocked the world in 1992 by destroying Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVII by a 52-17 score, Jones has neglected to thrill listeners with Super aspirations a grand total of four times. That's four out of a possible twenty-one opportunities. Truly incredible.

Even more incredible are the circumstances surrounding those times when he deemed it better to be humble, rather than bold. The first occurrence was in the wake of Troy Aikman's retirement in 2001, when all the Cowboys were leaning upon was the unproven right arm of Georgia rookie Quincy Carter. Yes, Jones was magnanimous that day in his respect for the dark hour that his Cowboys found themselves in, foregoing any Super Bowl predictions, prophesying instead for a ho-hum mediocre campaign filled with only - yes, only - ten wins.

The only other times that Jones was silent on any personal visions of impending glory just happened to be during the first three years of Big Bill Parcells' four-year reign of pigskin terror, when Jones was effectively kept under wraps.

Jones talks so boldly because he wants the fans to know that he cares, and that he - in his position as the team's General Manager - has pieced together a roster that everyone will be proud of. He envisions himself as the sharpshooter in a darkened gym that calls his own shot on one three-pointer after another.

More importantly, is the fact that Jones believes these predictions are within the bounds of reason, even when others around him are pleading with him for patience, and temperance. 

The passing years have revealed that Jones is oblivious to any personal prohibitions related to drinking that most seductive of drinks, Cowboy Kool-Aid. The Cowboys have reaped the rewards this millennium of changing head coaches a mind-boggling four times. Five losing seasons, countless melodramas, one measly playoff victory, and a decade (2000-2009) that houses the lowest winning percentage in franchise history. 

And there, impervious to reality, criticism, and countless glaring statistics, stood the Cowboys owner yesterday, handing out a beverage that has enslaved the innocent and gullible for more than a decade. Yes, drinks are always on the house at Valley Ranch, no matter the hour, the venue, or circumstance.

Read more about Jerry Jones and the Worst Decade in Dallas Cowboys History in my new book Decade of Futility.

For a hard-copy of Decade of Futility, click here:

For the Kindle version of Decade of Futility, click here:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jerry Jones Thought Bill Parcells was the Answer - But Dallas Cowboys' Futility Continued

Not many Cowboys fans, even the most dedicated and informed, know that the first decade of the new millenium was the worst in Dallas Cowboys' History.

Bill Parcells was brought on board the Cowboys ship, listing badly and taking on water too rapidly, to correct the mistakes of General Manager Jerry Jones.

Though Parcells definitely turned the franchise around, he didn't experience the success envisioned by Jones. And after four years, Bill knew it he wouldn't either.

So, how is hindsight?

This post by Ryan Bush gives us a glimpse.

Definitely not a match made in Heaven!
 Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells on working with Jerry Jones for four years:
“He’s a straightforward, honest guy,” Parcells said. “He really is. That’s all I look for. He was very supportive of me as a coach. Now were there things going on that occasionally I didn’t like? Yeah, there were, but that didn’t inhibit me from going to him, talking things out. He’s really great about that.”

So what drove these two apart? Find out in Chapters 15 and 16 of Decade of Futility.

For a hard-copy of Decade of Futility, click here:

For the Kindle version of Decade of Futility, click here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All Things Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Cowboys Worst Decade? Who Knew?

Available now is Decade of Futility: How the Leadership of Jerry Jones Transformed America's Team into a 21st Century Debacle, Resulting in the Worst Decade in Dallas Cowboys' History.

Authored by Ryan Bush, this tale of the incredible chronicles the failed attempts of General Manager Jerry Jones to maintain the momentum created by Jimmy Johnson, then to return the Cowboys to the glory of yesteryear. In the midst lies a fact that few realize. The first decade of the 21st century was the worst decade in Cowboys History.

Now you can relive the timeline of the Cowboys descent into uncharted territory with Jerry Jones leading the way.

Click Here for your Amazon Createspace Paperback Version.

Click Here for your Amazon Kindle Version.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama & Tolerance in America - Is it Better to be a Homeschool Family or Gay

In the light of the recent national coming out of NBA veteran Jason Collins as a man who prefers sex with other men, its interesting to take note of the priorities of the President Obama and his administration.

President Obama was only too glad to make a personal call to Jason Collins to show official and personal support for his prominent revelations. And this call was made in the midst of national fanfare celebrating the announcement, American tolerance towards it and its substance.
The Romeike Family - Persecuted by the German Government for Homeschooling
On the other hand, the Obama administration has been responsible for the denial and argument against political asylum of the Romeike Family from Germany who came to the United State to seek political protection from the German Government's repeated intruding into and interrupting the raising and teaching of their children at home while not always conforming to the German society's view on social issues. The children have repeatedly been forcibly separated from their parents, housed with other families and the parents have been ordered to pay heavy fines for not conforming to government mandates. While initially being granted asylum, the Obama administration rescinded that status and has argued for their deportation to Germany saying that none of the Romeike's rights are being violated.

If you are unfamiliar with this Family and their plight, please read this information. More is available through an online search.

In the light of the Appeals Court denial of asylum, this article was written wondering if the Romeike's would have fared better if they had confessed to being a Gay couple.

So, it's more tolerable for a man to have sex with another man than it is for parents to be able to raise and train their children properly without undo government interference! Welcome to the Third Reich.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Christian Worldview & Politics - The World or Christ?

Christians are Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God

Politics is the ultimate in Spiritual exercise. You are either living according to the politics of this World or the Politics of God.
God's Politics & the World's Politics have been merged.
Most have no clue that there is a dichotomy of politics. Most professing Christians think that their participation in World politics is their duty from the Bible. The idea that the World has its own politics separate from the politics of God has never entered their mind. 

Yet the Bible speaks clearly if we would but listen and study it free from any preconceptions.
Many Christians seem to be Ambassadors for America!
As Ambassadors for Christ, we need to understand our duties to those living on this earth. First of all, we are citizens of heaven. We are literal citizens of a literal place, having obtained this new status when we came to Jesus in Faith and repentance. And as an Ambassador, our allegiance is to the government of the Kingdom of God we now represent to this World, who need the message of Jesus' salvation we have come to possess.

Taking the Government of America Back? Why would we accept such a demotion, seeing that we are high ranking officials in the Government of the King of the Universe?

The Barriers of a Christian Worldview - Are All Spiritual Standards Equal?

Has man's involvement with the Bible rendered it untrustworthy?
In this day and age of breaking down ancient barriers and traditions, the idea of Christians depending upon a written standard for the conduct of their life is fast becoming unpopular. Instead, the idea of following the Spirit or seeking spiritual experiences that are not to be argued with or against has become dominant. The Bible is considered archaic and unreliable, since it was fashioned by man and has been tainted and changed by man through the centuries. The Holy Spirit or the spiritual realm is considered the arbiter of all things new, including a new way of living spiritually, and receives the approval of Jesus.
Do we question the Source of spiritual light?
So, if a person has a spiritual experience and receives some type of guidance or direction, it must be followed and trusted. It can't be questioned. To do so is considered being judgmental and contrary to Jesus and his unconditional love and acceptance.

The only problem with this is that this idea behind the New Spirituality is not new in this World. Solomon said that there's nothing new under the sun.

God addressed this type of situation in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, also. The New Testament phraseology is a little different, but just as applicable as the OT. The Apostle John said to "test the spirits, to see whether they are from God or not."

It was a known and accepted fact not all spirits were of the same character and origin, thus their purposes and methodologies were different. So, when encountering spiritual activity, blind faith was to not to be exercised.
There are various avenues of Spirituality - not all are equal.
The ignorance of this Truth from the Bible has lead many astray and down destructive paths not intended by The Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. May we be more careful about the Way we choose.