Saturday, May 04, 2013

Christian Worldview & Politics - The World or Christ?

Christians are Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God

Politics is the ultimate in Spiritual exercise. You are either living according to the politics of this World or the Politics of God.
God's Politics & the World's Politics have been merged.
Most have no clue that there is a dichotomy of politics. Most professing Christians think that their participation in World politics is their duty from the Bible. The idea that the World has its own politics separate from the politics of God has never entered their mind. 

Yet the Bible speaks clearly if we would but listen and study it free from any preconceptions.
Many Christians seem to be Ambassadors for America!
As Ambassadors for Christ, we need to understand our duties to those living on this earth. First of all, we are citizens of heaven. We are literal citizens of a literal place, having obtained this new status when we came to Jesus in Faith and repentance. And as an Ambassador, our allegiance is to the government of the Kingdom of God we now represent to this World, who need the message of Jesus' salvation we have come to possess.

Taking the Government of America Back? Why would we accept such a demotion, seeing that we are high ranking officials in the Government of the King of the Universe?
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