Thursday, May 02, 2013

ESPN, Tolerance, God & Gay Pride - A Salute to Chris Broussard

ESPN's Chris Broussard speaks candidly!
 On the heels of the earth-shaking revelation from NBA player Jason Collins that he is gay, that he prefers to have sex with other men, comes even more eye opening comments from Chris Broussard, ESPN sportscaster / commentator. Broussard, a born again Christian, says that anyone who is dedicated to having sex with other men is "in rebellion against God."
Current NBA Free Agent Jason Collins
This whole episode began with Sports Illustrated's article on Collins' "coming out" earlier in the week, considered by some, including Jason Collins, as the first ever for an active player in professional sports, Martina Navratilova notwithstanding.

I personally offer a salute to Chris Broussard, not for his comments about the lifestyle choice of Jason Collins, but for his straightforward response to this whole episode and not being afraid to articulate, explain and clarify his personal beliefs. Many Christians in this country could learn much from this man, for he has put his job on the  line by speaking up. Whatever happens, I pray that God would continue to bless him and that Broussard would continue the good fight of faith for his Lord. I also pray that Jason Collins would come to know the Lord Jesus in a personal way. Maybe Broussard could help with that , too!
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