Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tolerating Truth in America - The Bible, Jesus & Judging Others in a Plural Society

In this day when it's almost impossible to make a definitive statement about any topic without upsetting a significant demographic, tolerance is the operative word. Any and all statements which tend to draw conclusions not arrived at by cultural consensus is deemed to be worthy of nothing more than being discarded to the trash heap of distasteful dialogue, hate speech and verbal abortion.
Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis
 Into this societal fray steps Ken Ham, Founder of the apologetics ministry, Answers In Genesis. His article about the Bible and Judging others is a fitting tribute to the veracity of the Word of God for our lives as well as a balanced view of the Bible and it's apparent contradictions.

Increasingly, professing Christians that are dedicated to the notion that the Written Word of God is the standard for man to live by are becoming a target for intolerant attitudes and words. Politically speaking, some have even made the lists of those considered by Government as "Terrorists." American Culture is headed forward with the idea that such parameters are, indeed, not needed or wanted by a society whose truth is determined by the individual, as long as it agrees with a predetermined cultural consensus by the powers that be. As a part of this pre-arranged societal standard, the Bible and its clear statements about life are not to be a candidate for inclusion. It has been rejected. And increasingly, so are those who believe it.
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