Sunday, March 24, 2013

God, Marriage, Money & Starbucks Gay Coffee - For Homosexuals Only

I'm not known for getting involved with boycotts of companies that support causes or ideologies that I don't agree with. I consider them a waste of valuable resources better spent elsewhere. But this is different.

At the annual shareholders meeting of Starbucks, the CEO had some interesting financial advice for a shareholder who didn't agree with the corporate stance of Starbucks regarding Traditional Marriage. Please Click Here for the entire story as reported by Forbes and passed on by Joe Miller.

While I will not be officially supporting any attempted boycott of Starbucks by any organization, I will be willing to take the advice of the CEO of Starbucks and spend my coffee money elsewhere. After all, I wouldn't want to think that the buying public frequenting Starbucks might disagree with any philosophy Starbucks would officially endorse.
Take your Coffee Money elsewhere!
 And I definitely wouldn't want to offend their bottom line, knowing that part of it was earned providing a service and product to an unwanted customer, a Traditional Marriage supporter. God forbid!
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