Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christian Worldview - Cowards for Jesus

Modern Christians, in their quest to be salt and light within the cultures of this world, have taken on a quality that never befits their Savior.
The idea that it is necessary for this world to speak well of them has left them afraid to speak the Truth lest they be accused of being hateful, insensitive, judgmental, unloving, etc. Simply put, many of God's people have become cowards.  They have become what Christ would never approve of.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Many have social causes for which they take a stand on. They do this with words and actions. These causes may also have religious terms associated with them, so their duty toward God and the Church is somehow fulfilled in their mind.

But to actually speak and act the Words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible is somehow deemed to be taking Religion and God a little bit too seriously. Only the self-righteous and overly pious person follows such a path. So, reforming this world one community at a time is the preferred method. Preaching the Gospel has somehow taken a back seat to more socially acceptable activities and messages.

The idea that Man is a sinner is negative. The idea that man is powerless to help himself and needs to look beyond himself to remedy his dire situation offends man's dignity. That man is doomed to eternal punishment for his choices against a holy and righteous God and Creator is the myth of ancient, unenlightened ages gone by. The idea that a Holy God would take on the body of a man and accomplish perfection on behalf of mankind and make it possible to be reconciled to God is also offensive to the abilities within mankind to help himself. The belief in the bloody and violent death of this Savior that God requires for mankind to approach God in fellowship is considered to also constitute the vestiges of unenlightened, barbaric man. It is rejected.
Portrait of Modern Christians
So, what are modern Christians left with? One look in the mirror would reveal the same cowardice of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz - afraid to gaze at himself, trembling at the mere thought of thinking a thought, afraid that his actions will not measure up to what others think and expect, running in every other direction than that direction which call for courageous responsibility, duty and action according to the Word of God. I see a whole host of such characters when viewing the mobs that call themselves "Christian."

What a shame!
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