Saturday, March 09, 2013

Christian Worldview - Does the Bible Really Matter?

Well Ken Ham has done it again! Christians everywhere are upset with this noted apologist because he dared to tell the truth....again. Last year, it was challenging Bill Nye the Science Guy to a debate after Nye made disparaging comments about the literal Creation account and those who believe it. Now, Genesis creation is again involved, but on a different front.
Ken Ham - Teaches a Literal Genesis Creation
 It must be admitted, though, that this time was a little different. He was a little too specific for the comfort of many. The specifics involved particular people. Ham named them!

So, now many are attempting to calm the rocking boat amidst this tempest of truth from one known for relying on the Bible for his doctrine and lifestyle.

The problem? Ken Ham named those who have publicly, verbally and in their writings, denied a literal six day creation as detailed in the first part of the Book of Genesis. Coupled with that assertion is the belief that Genesis only has doctrinal value in the allegorical interpretation of the stories in the book of Genesis rather than the literal  historical narrative account.

Ken is to be commended for taking the proper stand on such a vital issue. We need more men like him in this day of relativistic teachings coming from pulpit, podiums and publications!
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