Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama & Tolerance in America - Is it Better to be a Homeschool Family or Gay

In the light of the recent national coming out of NBA veteran Jason Collins as a man who prefers sex with other men, its interesting to take note of the priorities of the President Obama and his administration.

President Obama was only too glad to make a personal call to Jason Collins to show official and personal support for his prominent revelations. And this call was made in the midst of national fanfare celebrating the announcement, American tolerance towards it and its substance.
The Romeike Family - Persecuted by the German Government for Homeschooling
On the other hand, the Obama administration has been responsible for the denial and argument against political asylum of the Romeike Family from Germany who came to the United State to seek political protection from the German Government's repeated intruding into and interrupting the raising and teaching of their children at home while not always conforming to the German society's view on social issues. The children have repeatedly been forcibly separated from their parents, housed with other families and the parents have been ordered to pay heavy fines for not conforming to government mandates. While initially being granted asylum, the Obama administration rescinded that status and has argued for their deportation to Germany saying that none of the Romeike's rights are being violated.

If you are unfamiliar with this Family and their plight, please read this information. More is available through an online search.

In the light of the Appeals Court denial of asylum, this article was written wondering if the Romeike's would have fared better if they had confessed to being a Gay couple.

So, it's more tolerable for a man to have sex with another man than it is for parents to be able to raise and train their children properly without undo government interference! Welcome to the Third Reich.
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