Thursday, September 06, 2012

Christian Worldview - Evolution & Science Vs Creation, God & The Bible

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis
In the seemingly never ending antagonism between science and religion over the issues of the validity of the theory of Evolution as opposed to the literal merits of the Bible, there usually fails to be a truly coherent understanding of the major issues at hand. This happens for various reasons but, regardless, there need to be some clarification in order to at least begin to eliminate some of the confusion that many seem to have in attempting to draw basic conclusions. I believe this to also be the case in the recent furor created over the comments of Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham, Creationist proponent from Answers in Genesis.

The first thing that I believe is vital to eventually coming to understand the issues involved and resolving any supposed conflicts of information is patience. Any one who thinks that they will begin to wade through the voluminous amounts of information available to inspect and compare and immediately come to an understanding is being slightly naive.

The second thing I believes needs to be understood is that there is a huge amount of information available that is simply wrong to begin with or the information available has been used in the wrong fashion and is being presented with certain conclusions being presented as fact. This is true of both sides of the debate. Yes, that includes the "Christian" side.

So, not everything presented as science is truly science as observable and verifiable fact. And not everything presented as Bible Truth is verified as Truth when compared to the whole context of the Bible.

Creation Evidences Museum
Dr. Carl Baugh
 So, to add an interesting twist to this ongoing struggle between Science and the Bible, I offer this link to a thesis paper written by Carl Baugh, Founder of The Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.

The paper proposes the scientific and Biblical probabilities of a Pre Flood crystalline canopy over the earth using both Scripture and Science.

 You may think that this is rather unique in the field of Science and Scripture. It is more than unique. Dr Baugh has a patented Hyperbaric Pressure method of growing plant and animal life in a working model on the site at Glen Rose. This working model simulates living conditions before Noah's Flood as recorded in Genesis. More information is to come on that at a later time.                            

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