Monday, September 03, 2012

Christian Worldview - Obama VS Romney


In the one event receiving the most worldwide attention every four years not named the Olympics, we have two supposedly opposite visions competing for the official acknowledgment of the American voter. President Obama and Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney are presenting competing views and methods to turn around the current American cultural mire this coming November.

And of course, the Christian voter is not the least of the voting blocks being courted for their attention. Which means that Biblical phrases and imagery of various stripes will be used to align each candidate with official Divine approval. After all, who can resist having your candidate offered as God's choice?

While such wrangling will be occurring with increasing frequency from now till election time, I wonder  how many will actually conduct any kind of study and research into the validity of the portions of the Bible presented to them? With particular religions and religious views of the candidates open for discussion, what steps will be taken, if any, to ascertain who tells the Truth. Of course, that presumes that the Truth exists somewhere within the presentation and discussion. Is Mitt Romney's Mormonism Truth or does it just contain a portion of Truth. Does the Roman Catholicism of Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan contain the answers for the genuine Seeker of Truth. Or does the rather minority version of President Obama's Christianity carry any validity for us to ascertain?

Then again, the electorate could be left to look to American Civil Religion for their answers. You know, The American Dream, The American Way as inspired by God and revealed through the American Patriot, The Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence,  The Constitution and current Office Holders as well as current political candidates.

Either way, the Bible is merged with phrases, symbols and images which oppose its central message and tenets, especially regarding the arena of politics. This can be demonstrated on an individual basis, but who will take the time to find out what agrees or disagrees with Scripture? Who will take the time to become familiar enough with the Bible to recognize the similarities or disparities?

It is certain that those who do not spend the necessary time to search out the Truths of the Bible in this area will become subject to political manipulation simply because of ignorance. The Christian World Views presented by the various candidates in their speeches will prevail because the listeners will not know any better. They will have no basis to disagree, so they will tacitly accept the message delivered. And in this ignorance, they will declare themselves to be free while the chains of their self imposed slavery rattle in comfort.

And as stated before, who is to know that your declaration of freedom violates the clear principle declared by Jesus about the direct correlation of Knowledge of the Word of God and freedom? Not you! A Christian World View not of the Bible has won your heart!

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