Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Christian World View - Bill Nye & Ken Ham

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Bill Nye, The Science Guy has recently caused an uproar over his video assertion that it is inappropriate to teach children that Creation as recorded in the Bible in the book of Genesis is factually correct. Proponents of the Theory of Evolution, of which Bill Nye is one, insist that the facts of the modern scientific record do not support the literal account of Genesis.

A portion of this video was recorded in front of the Creation Museum built in Kentucky by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, an apologetics ministry. It has currently received over 3 million hits.
Creation Museum - Pertersburg, Kentucky
Founder of Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham and his staff were quick to respond to this details of this video and its implications. Access to the full multi-media response can be found at his blog, Around the World with Ken Ham. Another blog post can be found at Truth Buyer of Christian World View.

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