Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Homosexuality The Same As A Little White Lie?

With The American Family Radio Network steadily becoming the preferred choice of Christians when it comes to talk radio, it can be interesting to listen to the details of their dialogue with others. I heard a short discussion today between a host and caller wherein the caller chided the host for categorizing sin, since, according to Romans 6, all sin leads to death. Therefore, in the eyes of God, homosexuality is no worse than theft. The host meekly agreed with the caller, leading the audience to believe that the caller was right.

While technically true, it must be remembered that God does distinguish between certain actions and ascribes a certain level of severity of some over others. Homosexual sin , as well as heterosexual sin (adultery and fornication), is called an "abomination." Many other actions, though forbidden by God, are not labeled as severely. These same sins, referred to as abominations, carry a more severe penalty than the less offensive ones.

God also differentiates between people while, at the same time, not being a respecter of persons. The book of James tells us that "teachers" will receive a greater level of judgment than others. Jesus Himself tells us that "to whom much is given, much is required."

It must be remembered that all Scripture is taken from a context. It comes from its immediate context as well as the broader context of the whole Bible. So while a point can seemingly be made by a single verse, that point must also fit within the evidence provided by the remainder of Scripture. Failure to do so can lead to doctrinal error which is dangerous,even for Christian talk show hosts.
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