Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mark Of Cain!

With his admitted non-traditional campaign, Herman Cain has promised to challenge Texas Governor Rick Perry for the evangelical vote to secure his quest of the GOP Presidential nomination.

With Governor Perry and Mitt Romney thought to hold the key to the Republican primaries, the emergence of Herman Cain has caught many by surprise. What has proven to be a rather dull group has taken on a surprising political sheen of interest as the straight talking Cain has proven so far that he can handle the rough and tumble of politics. A political novice, this highly successful businessman has seen his rivals wilt under the heat of pointed questions about particular policy while Cain forcefully answers all questions.

Therein lies his attractiveness. He knows what he believes and he's not afraid to articulate it as well as respond confidently to all enquiries. He's proving to be far more adept at Public Relations than any of his public counterparts, including Governor Perry.

Can you say Grass Roots? Tea, anyone?
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