Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pat Robertson & The Words Of Jesus - Missing The Point

In the wake of Pat Robertson's blunder of approving of a spouse divorcing one who has alzheimers comes this article from the LA Times. It's about those who are really upset with Robertson's advice and the fact that these dissenters would normally agree with Robertson.

The bulk of the raw feeling seems to come from those who can't believe Robertson would advise someone to break their marriage vows, specifically, the section that traditionally says, "till death do us part."

While Scripture definitely agrees with the position of faithfully performing your vows, there lies a more fundamental issue that has been missed by many, but not all. The biblical position on divorce is very clear. The only legitimnate grounds for divorce is adultery. Jesus is very clear. Yet, Pat Robertson seems to have forgotten the very words of the Christ he professes to know and serve. The advice was given without any care for what the Word of God had to say on the matter. It seems that the immediate needs of a person are the only legitimate grounds for making decisions.

Welcome to apostate Christianity.
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