Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney & Ryan - This is Best of the Republicans?

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Now that the Romney-Ryan ticket has been officially set at the Republican National Convention, excitement and anticipation seem to be the key words used to describe their anticipated battle at the polls with the incumbent Obama - Biden team.

For those die hard politico types that follow these detailed happenings within republican ranks, I have a few questions:

Are you kidding? This is all the republican Party has to offer in contrast to Obama? Of all the potential candidates to offer, this is it? You could say the same for the field of primary candidates also.

Looking through the republican landscape, this is all that can be found? Wow!

For the skeptical, this could be nothing more than a confirmation that elections tend to be something other than what they are portrayed as.

And what should the Christian say to this? Are they happy to have  another chance to vote for someone who will not represent their values? That must be comforting!
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