Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Political Smokscreen of Voter Fraud


 Since this election cycle really kicked into high gear, there's been one issue that is a recurring theme. All major media news outlets are repeatedly raising the issue of potential voter fraud. Of course, this is followed by the soothing news that all is being possibly done to minimize voter fraud of all types and insure legitimate election results.

With that said, I wonder if the general population really understands how the election process works when it comes to tabulating votes around the country, then reporting the results to the public?

To understand the state of affairs since at least 1964, please read the following three pieces of information. The first one concern the workings of the then Voter News Service. The debacle of the 2000 election began a cry for voter election reform. The second also details earlier instances of voter fraud. The third is about the result of this cry for reform, the National Election Pool with Edison Research being the sole provider of exit poll data. This shuffling of the deck simply continued election business as usual.

So I ask you. How much faith do you have in a process that allows no oversight of its work? Can you see how the issue of voter ID fraud is a fraud itself?

Kinda makes me glad that the King I serve occupies His throne by Divine Right of Absolute Perfection!

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