Sunday, March 18, 2007

American Division: The Real Culprit is Jesus!

American Christians are a fickle and unstable lot. They profess to be grounded in the Word of God which would tend to make one think that they are fairly settled when it comes to the major issues of life. Yet, the smallest act of the part of anyone which tends to hinder or prohibit their specifically Christian words or actions will cause these wanna be civil martyrs crying to the first court that will allow their case to be filed.

Of course, there justs happens to be a plethora of Christian public service Law firms from which they can choose. These law firms were few and far between 30 years ago, but now are big business.

So the cry is that the rights of these citizens are being denied, abridged or curtailed. Underlying their cases is the argument that the growth of radical agendas foisted upon the American populace without choice is causing deep faultlines of cultural division. The American people are being divided because of issues which cause many to choose sides. The number of these issues has grown over the last 30 years. Whether it be termed Pro Family, Family Values, Traditonal Marriage, Homosexual Marriage, Civil Unions, Abortion, ProLife, Anti-Abortion, Divorce, Christian values, Freedom of Religion, Free Speech, First Amendment Rights, Fundamental Rights, Inalienable Rights, Christian Heritage, Separation of Church and State, etc., the sides are many and the fight is fierce. In every case, Christians are bewailing the assault on their lifestyle and the divisions these fights cause.

There's only one problem with their cry. It is completely off base. These issues are not the cause of any division. You can lay 100 percent of the blame at the feet of one person. That one person is God incarnate, Jesus The Christ. It was He, after all, that pronounced, "I didn't come to earth to send peace, but rather a sword." In other words, He came to divide. And no one in history has been able to divide so completely as He has. Division is a task He accomplishes with ease.

So, the next time you hear any type of cry from a Christian about his or her rights being violated, remember that the real culprit is Jesus. And He's simply doing what He said He would do, separating His people from those who do not belong to Him. Why do Christians keep fighting their Savior?
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