Monday, March 05, 2007

Emerging Direction & The Broad Way

In the Emerging Church, a religious movement of no mean proportion, much is made of identifying with the mission of Jesus.

Which Jesus?

Whose Jesus?

Are we talking about the Jesus of the Bible? Or is this Jesus a construct of the genuis of man? Or does the image and idea of this Jesus have more sinister origins? Or is this Jesus simply left up to the mind of the individual to construct according to personal whim?

If it seems easy to become confused in such an atmosphere, consider your assessment as accurate. The forward march of Emerging is based on the broadly consistent and shadowy search for absolute Truth, a search never quite consumated with anything definitive except the search itself. Therein lies the sacredness of Emerging, the absolute, ever learning journey.

Meanwhile the Absolute Jesus of Holy Writ remains accessible on His narrow path.
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