Thursday, March 15, 2007

America or God: All or Nothing!!!

I tend to think that life is very simple.

Our problem as humans is that we tend to complicate matters. So much so that we confuse ourselves. And in our confusion we make decisions that are not in our best interest. As a result, we spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with the consequences of these decisions, which sometimes limits our ability to live in a manner which would tend to bring good consequences, the type you aren't required to dig out from under.

In other words, you're torn between two extremes.

I sense that many Christians find themselves in a very similar position when it comes to politics. It's easy to profess a saving faith in Jesus Christ and want the blessings from living His Way, but difficult when the demands of government cause time and energy to be limited. Both Jesus and Government are calling. One is simple and desirable. The other? Well, let's just say that bureaucracy is very demanding and government makes no apology for submission to its demands.

On the other hand, the two have similarities. They both demand all we have. Regardless which one you choose to serve, holding back is not looked upon with favor.

So, it becomes a little more obvious the position Christians find themselves in when they profess to serve the risen Christ, yet desire to meet the ever expanding demands of present American Government. The simplicity of Christ is where they desire to abide, but dealing with American details requires more than a minimal amount of time and energy. Or does it?

Didn't Jesus say something about no man being able to serve two masters? If so, how do we begin to resolve such a problem? Do we ignore American demands? I think not! Just try that and see how far you get. You could very easily end up behind bars, depending on what is ignored.

But what if American law contains provisions allowing the Children of God to live the type of life they feel called to live for their Savior? Would that make a difference?

Yes, that would fly in the face of all the rhetoric by Christian Organizations which tell us that the laws are against us and we need new ones passed. But what if the laws they are referring to are passed for those who serve the American system of secular Government? And what if all others are excluded from these demands? Does that sound desirable? How can it not?

The problem is this. Most professing Christians haven't really determined who they serve. And because they haven't deternmined that they really serve Christ, they can never understand the demands that Christ has placed upon them in living their lives for His glory. They don't really know his Word, therefore they live their lives in ignorance and confusion, proving who they really serve. Just look at the time and energy expelled and for whom it is spent. All becomes clear. The demands of the American God makes it difficult to dive into the reservior of God's Holy Word and find the graceful instruction to help in the time of need.

We are intent on doing the impossible, attempting to serve two masters!!!
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