Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Want the Truth......and I Want it NOW!!!!

In this age of ease and convenience, many American Christians are no different than the American culture around them. Actually, they and the culture are separate only in word. Most American Christians are just as worldly as the lost people they claim to be trying to reach with the message of the Gospel of Christ. And the World is demanding. And what they demand, they demand now!

Christians, on the other hand, have been introduced to a God who seems to have taken His sweet time in clothing Himself in flesh and initiating His work among men. He even waited thirty years to begin His public ministry. He even walked with his disciples for more than three years. There is nothing instantaneous about His actions toward man.

You would think that we in America would allow some of these facts to seep into our conscious thought. Having been introduced to the living embodiment of Truth, you would think that we would exhibit a little more patience when attempting to allow Christ to give us the wisdom He has promised to those who ask Him. Never mind that the Wisdom were are requesting is not ours to begin with. Never mind that He is completely responsible for the timing of that gift to us. Never mind that He desires our best in the whole scenario. We simple think that we, for whatever reason, have a right to receive that Wisdom immediately. We seem to act as if God may be completely unaware of our situation. .............MMMph! Of all the nerve!

Are we willing to wait? Are we willing to ask? Are we willing to seek? To study? To meditate on His Word? To compare this spiritual Word with other portions of the spiritual Word?

For something so precious, why can't we wait?

If it's as valuable and needed as we say it is, why can't we trust god to provide our need in His perfect time?
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