Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Future Of Christianity & Politics

I read a very interesting Opinion Editorial from the Dallas Morning News this week. It slightly deals with the growing political power of the Christian Church in other parts of the world, namely the Third World or the less industrialized nations of the World. It also gives warning to American politicians to not ignore the significance of this growing political power of Christians. It could be to their detriment.

Will this warning go unheeded? I can't really answer that. But I can say that while America fights with herself about the merits and legal reality of Separation of Church and State within the United States, the World merrily continues in its move to more prominently integrate the religious into the political. Or maybe it's the political into the religious? Is there really a difference? If so, does it matter? Isn't the result the same?

The fact is that, regardless of what American politicans do, the merging of the political and religious coincides with the worldwide consolidation of Christianity into one religious community. The proposed return of the Anglican Church into the fold and under the authority of the Roman Pontiff is simply the first step toward a unified Christianity and expanded global power.

Is this the Christianity envisioned by Christ while on this earth? Is this the result of the work initiated by Him and His Apostles?

Or is this somehow nothing more than a well developed counterfeit? Is it possible that people don't realize what is happening? Is there more planned in this unification than most people are aware of?

How many know that the Catholic Church is officially recognized around the world as a "State"? That's right, as in "Nation" and "Country." Just like the United States or Canada or Mexico. And just like other nations, they have Embassies, called Nunciatures, in many nations, with Church officials exercising official Church government authority.

Is this the future?
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