Saturday, March 24, 2007

American Politics: Land of the Lost

So, you think you understand American and World politics?

Who can ascend to a realm of such rarified air as those espousing, much less possessing, political understanding?

Well, among those professing to intimately know Jesus Christ, most would profess such abilities. Even more, they are presumed to be the only ones truly qualified to hold political office in the United States. If you listen closely, this idea isn't just evident, it has become overtly prominent.

Yet, I wonder how many know what the Bible has to say about the political realm of the World system?

I wonder how many know that the Bible presumes that political offices are authoritative positions reserved for people outside the saving Grace of God? How many understand that God considers all officeholders in need of His salvation? How many know that these politicos are considered unbelievers?

Don't believe me? Well, your disagreement should be taken up with Jesus. When offered political power over all the earth, Jesus refused it.

Imagine that! What Jesus flat-out rejected, His people, at least those calling themselves His people, are continually trying to aquire.

Now, tell me who doesn't understand Politics!
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