Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Politics, Religion & The Culture War

For a number of years, you have heard the phrase, "Culture War" thrown around in the contexts of different conversations about politics and religion. The idea is that we, as Christians, are in a war to win or win back our culture. The further idea is that the American culture is a Christian or Biblical Culture. On that basis are we to proceed to engage the enemy and win back the preeminence of Christian values in American culture.

First of all, any culture for God's People is designed by God Himself, not any man or group of men. That includes the Founding Fathers of the United States, any group of elders, deacons, bishops and yes, even the Pope. And just because a man or group of men refer to themselves as "Christian" does not create that reality nor does it somehow elevate them to a status equal to or above God or His Word.

Second, God's Culture for His People is automatically separate from any other culture in this World. By virtue of Coming to God, we have been called out of every culture of the World into His Culture. And God has no desire to see us return to any other culture of the World.

In fact, we are to propagate the Good News of God's offer of Salvation to those in the World and its attendant cultures so that they, too, can join our Lord and His Culture. And after we come to Him, we begin to adopt the lifestyle that God requires for His People.

Yes, it is different. But nowhere in Scripture can you find the command to inculcate the Culture of Christ into any culture of the World. The two don't mix. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to one another. They cannot mix because their natures are different. Their natures are different because their origins are different. One originates with man. The other originates with God.

However, there will be an epoch in the future where the Culture of Christ will be in force on this earth. His ways and thoughts will be enforced by Him personally within the population of man. Until that time arrives, it's God's People and the World, two entirely different cultures with two entirely opposite missions. That is the real culture war!
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