Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Christian Worldview? Which One?

Within the ranks of Christendom, there has arisen over the last couple of decades, a rising interest and promotion of, what has come to be known as "A Christian Worldview." This pious sounding title supposedly contains the elements of Truth by which all children of God are mandated to live on this earth.

Unfortunately, what has come to be espoused as "A Biblical Worldview" has very little to do with the Bible. While much Scripture is used to construct this supposedly biblical model for life, it focuses mostly on "The World." God is relegated to the role of a lofty afterthought, prominently insignificant.

To further the confusion of such an integral part of the modern Christian life, there seems to be a plethora of biblical worldviews available for the spiritual consumer to choose from. These usually deal with how the Christian can take dominion of, or at least, heavily influence the World system. This group is usually contrasted with just one other radically opposite worldview, the one where Christians are mandated to withdraw from all worldly activity and seclude themselves from the evil influences of the World. This unfriendly bunch is left to deal almost exclusively among themselves for any material goods and/or services.

The sad part of this scenario, however, is that the truly Biblical Worldview is seldom brought into the mix to consider. Significant statements of Jesus Himself, as well as the words of other inspired biblical writers are either not discussed or they are rationalized or explained away as being culturally inexpedient or unattainable. In other words, they are impossible. So, rather than Truth being properly proclaimed and taught, it is left for the spiritual seeker to trust God to fulfil his Word and have the Holy Spirit "lead them into all truth." Such is the climate of the current Biblical Worldview wars as ministries vie for the heartstrings of men, women and young people.

So what is a Truly Biblical Worldview? Let's list five things which the true student of Scripture cannot afford to overlook or misinterpret when attempting to determine such important doctrine;
  1. The Pleading of Jesus to Pilate.
  • My Kingdom is not of this World
  • If it were, then would my servants fight to not have me delivered to the Jews.

2. The Polemic of Satan to Jesus

  • The Offer of Satan to Jesus.
  • The Response of Jesus to Satan's Offer

3. The Position of the World to Christ

  • The World is lost and in need of A Savior
  • The World is the Enemy of Christ

4. The Position of the World to God's People

5. The Politics of God's People

These points are not exhaustive by any means, but are significant enough to merit the application of strict hermeneutics by the serious student of Scripture. They are not to be so lightly thought of that they are easily replaced by any cultural or philosophical mandate of man.

After all, the five points are alliterated. That alone merits serious consideration for infallibility!

More to come................

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