Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep Your Oath: It's The Law or When God Laughs

This country is truly in a sad state. I say that because of the state of the Judicial system. You know, the one overseen and administered by those officials called Lawyers. If you think that the Lawyers are kept in check by the Legislative branch, have you taken a look at the legislative rolls? That's right, they're filled with Lawyers! Do you appeal to the Executive Branch? That's right! Same thing! Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers!!!!!!

Here's the rub. When a Lawyer, or any other person for that matter, attains a public office, they are required by law to take an oath of office which says that they will faithfully uphold the Constitution and all the laws thereunder. No problem so far. But when they fail to uphold and administer those laws, what happens then? Whose responsibility is it to investigate and prosecute that person? Most likely, it's another lawyer. You mean, one Lawyer is responsible to prosecute another lawyer? That's right. Lawyer versus Lawyer.

But when an outsider comes along and decides to defend himself in a case, that's another matter. It's amazing how united Lawyers suddenly become. It matters not who the defendant is. If that person is conducting his own defense, the Judge, Prosecutor and any other Lawyer whose services are needed form as tightly knit a group as you will ever see. And it matters not if the law is being broken in the course of these united activities. The most important thing is that the person defending himself be made to look as foolish as possible. This person needs to look as if what they really need is the service of a good Lawyer. Upholding the law, regardless of what it actually says, and fulfilling an oath of office take a back seat to protecting the hallowed ground of all Brothers of Law.

It may seem that I'm blaming this state of affairs on Lawyers. To the contrary. I blame it on God's People. That's right! The People who should know and understand Law backwards and forwards are actually woefully ignorant when it comes to what the law actually says and its potential application to them. That's because they are more woefully ignorant of their own legal manual provided to them by their own Heavenly Lawyer, Jesus Christ. The legal reality of Grace is not evident in their lives. In fact, most have accepted a cheap imitation of Grace among themselves which gives them license to conduct their lives in just about any manner they desire. After all, God will forgive them, regardless of what they do. While technically correct, this legal stance before God tends to produce a life of turmoil and destruction, which needs to be continually addressed and allows no time for real living. Most of a person's time is devoted to dealing with the debris created by wrong decisions in life. Wisdom, knowledge and instruction is cast to the wayside as the freedom of grace is indulged in. They fail to understand the actions, or lack thereof, on the part of God to clean up their mess as a result of their indulgence. They fail to realize that He has already spoken about such things in the first chapter of Proverbs. And how does he promise to respond to someone who proceeds while ignoring the wise counsel provided by Him. He says simply in verse 26, "I also will laugh at your calamity." For an eye opener, read the entire passage.

This is where the Lawyers enter the picture. Sin management is the forte of all Attorneys. This includes skirting the spirit and letter of the law where desirable an/or feasible. This comes in handy when dealing with the debris of one's own life. And Christians have this knack for creating more debris than their worldly counterparts. It tends to be more of a mess. After all, they're Christians! They're not supposed to act this way, buuuut, since they have, why not manage it well! Especially when it's Christian against Christian!

Sadly, most Christians don't realize that there are different jurisdictions within Law, depending on your status and standing. They don't realize that when they hire a Lawyer, they put themselves within an unnecessary jurisdiction, unnecessary because they have a jurisdiction available exclusively to them. But, once a Lawyer is hired, that exclusive jurisdiction and its benefits is waived.

Even more sad is the length of time God's People in this country have gone without really being privy to this type of knowledge. We're not talking years or decades. We're talking generations. And in that length of time, not only has the ignorance of God's People increased, so has the boldness of Lawyers. Lawyers today take advantage of this ignorance and treat people as if they are criminals. When this other law, this other jurisdiction is mentioned before them, they laugh and scoff at the person bringing up such nonsense. They attempt to make them look like fools.

I can't help but wonder if that is God laughing through the Lawyers.
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