Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God Says Barack Obama Is Qualified

A few days ago I wrote an article/blog in which I wondered what all the fuss was about when it came to Barack Obama supposedly mocking Christians and the Bible.

Now is revealed a lawsuit filed in a United States District Court in Pennsylvania accusing Barack Obama of not meeting the legal qualifications to be President of the United States. If what is stated is true, then his Presidential bid just went up in flames. Buuuut............I think there's something being overlooked in this situation.

First is the condition of the Legal System in this country. Since Barack Obama is a Lawyer, that puts him in the middle of the system. No, let me modify that. Since Obama is a Lawyer, a Senator and a U.S. Presidential Candidate, he is at the top of the system. Why? Because someone higher up wants him there. So a lawsuit can be filed and even become very public, but that doesn't mean that the completely legitimate merits of the case will result in the proper steps being taken by all involved, including but not limited to, Judges. Unless Obama has upset a higher up somewhere, don't expect this case to go anywhere. In fact, the likely impact could very easily create the image of Obama being persecuted by political hit men, all the while being protected by the Legal system.

Second, since Romans 13 reveals that God is the one who ordains men to be in positions of Official power, what if The Almighty wants him to be President? Do you contend that he's not qualified, not fit to be President of the United States? But what if God says he is qualified?

In fact, if those who have jumped on the political case of Barack Obama, especially when it comes to his Mockery of Christians, God and the Bible, would just rely on their own Scripture more often, they would realize that what they are accusing Obama of actually qualifies him for office. You say Huh!!!!???????????

If you will return to the book of Genesis, you will find that Cain was the first Public Official Ordained by God. And what was his one ratifying act of entering public office? He rejected YHWH by sacrificing YHWH's Prophet, his own righteous brother Abel. This rejection was Cain's acceptance of YHWH's offer to rule over evildoers. He then proceeded to build the city of Enoch, which archeology reveals to be the beginning of his extensive personal political kingdom among men.

Do we so soon forget the eight years of the God ordained Clinton administration? I believe religious types had a hard time with that one, too.

The fact is that God will put in office who He knows this country and World needs. All the whining or lawsuits in the World will not change that.

If God's People are going to attempt to speak for God, let it be the right message coupled with the right actions.

And please, don't tell God who he has to ordain.
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