Monday, August 25, 2008

Everything is Political

When you see Barack Obama and John McCain waxing eloquent about the minute details of some political issue deemed important during this Presidential campaign, remember this:

In this age of ultra compartmentalization, it's easy to erect barriers and identify the contents of each compartment. This identification tends to differentiate minutely. It is so detailed that the slightest difference creates in our mind a totally separate reality for each thing identified, even when each compartment contains the same type of item.

When it comes to politics, this scenario is again played out. We tend to think of certain things as being within the realm of politics. It is OK in our mind for politicians to address certain issues and problems because that is within their power to do so. Other things are strictly taboo and private. A hands off policy is thought to be only too appropriate for political legislators. After all, certain things are different. They are not political. So, shoo fly shoo!

Regardless of what you think about certain things being political or not, the fact remains that all things are political, whether you think they are or not. Don't believe me? Then take this challenge.

Identify one area of your life that is not addressed by a law or set of laws.

You can't, can you?

Now, identify the ones who make those laws. Aaahhh! That's right! Politicians!!!!!!!

Lest you think that only men are this way, let's take a look at God. Could it be that He operates in the same manner? Never thought about it?

Well, there's a verse that Jesus quoted from the Old Testament that sheds light on our query. This verse says, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Any knowledgeable Bible student knows that the Creator of the universe possesses every right to determine how his creatures are to conduct themselves while on this earth. And that He does, in every area of life.

In addition, the book of Psalms says that God is our Lawgiver. So, guess what? That makes everything political, since the Eternal Legislator has spoken.

So, the next time someone starts to talk about a particular thing not being political, remember that everything is political.
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