Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Politics of Provision

As the Presidential race goes into high gear, this is a good time to consider a few things as the candidates give their pitch as to why they're the man most deserving of the position of President of the United States. Regardless of what the particular topic is at any given time, it's important to notice the common factor in most, if not all, of them. It comes down to what the candidate promises to provide or deliver to the electorate. In other words, what can they give to the people? ............Kinda sad ain't it?

Can you believe that people would actually look to a man, all because of what he can offer them? If I didn't know better, I'd think that they were gods! OOooooops!!!!! Did I let that slip!!!????? Such greasy words!

Come to think of it, Jesus said the same thing. I believe he is quoted as quoting from the current Scripture of his day as "ye are gods." In fact, when you take a good look at it, this is exactly what Jesus did in His Ministry, promise provision to all who would look to Him for that provision, regardless of the need. And He did this in stark contrast to the other major deified provider of His day, Rome's Caesar.

Yet, in spite of a new age and vast cultural growth and sophistication, the political climate in this country finds the exact same process occuring. Man continually appealing to the masses for respect and support while the masses urgently look for someone to provide for them. Meanwhile, the Creator of the Universe patiently waits in the wings for all to come to Him for their ultimate need, reconciliation to Him. For He's promised to meet all their needs if they will simply bow their knees to Him and his Provision, Himself.

But Aahhh, that's a tough decision, because it puts one at odds with alot of other people, especially those political types who seem to think they know best who the Provider should be in others lives. Of course, that Provider should be Government and its humbly ordained army of public servants. After all, it's their place to act as Robin Hood and "take from the rich and give to the deserving poor" all because they detect a need which can be met by passing a new set of laws. And who wants to go against the democratic mass whose majority is always right? That tends to put a man is an awkward position.

So who do we trust? A nebulous God whom we can't detect with our senses? Or a flesh and blood man who will stand before us and maybe shake our hand while he promises us the world?

Well, they say a man's track record speaks for itself. So, in that case, I've already joined the greatest political party ever assembled, whose fringe benefits stand unique in this universe. After all, being a joint heir with Christ is as good as it gets since He owns it all.

Compare that with any offer made by any politician that has ever lived. I believe the choice becomes rather simple. Eternally Simple.
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