Sunday, June 27, 2010

Politics, Love & Hate

There's one thing about politics. It's usually one extreme or the other. People can talk about the middle ground all they want, but the truth is that politicians know that to win elections, you must cater to one extreme element or another. Try to please everybody and you quickly become political roadkill.

And this pandering has nothing to do with Truth. It's all about expediency. What will get the candidate the most votes. Say what you will and do what you will as long as you get votes.

For some strange reason, Christians don't seem to understand this fact. The world of most Christians consists of a world of black and white. And they expect there political candidates to reflect their black and white value system to some degree. And on the surface, they do.......until they get into office!

That's the reason most people hate politics, the pure hypocrisy of the whole process. Ironically, that's the reason people also love politics, the hypocritical challenge presented to them.

Personally, I prefer to be sure about as much as possible. When it comes to politics of this world, they only thing I'm sure of is that I'm not sure about any of it!

So, I resort to the only politics I am sure about, where Truth is Truth and it remains the Truth at all times.

The politics of Jesus Christ, made by Christ for his followers, Christians. I'm learning to love it more every day!
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