Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post Jesus Culture - The Political Sky Is Falling!

Welcome to the World of Post Christian America, where everything you hold dear as a Christian, including God and Country, is under attack. And the more that is perceived as lost to them, the more Christians dig in their bunkers and prepare for the warfare to come. After all, much damage has been done by the enemy, mainly Democrats, therefore, there's much ground to recover. And it begins with this year's mid term elections, because the Leader of the Enemey, Barak Obama, has stumbled and apparently rendered his troops vulnerable.

So, what's at stake in this broohaha? Oh not much. Just the Legal foundation of the entire Country. After all, how can Christians expect to conduct themselves properly if they don't have guidelines, ie laws? And with so many fundamental laws being overturned or modified and others facing attacks from various sides, the Christian lifestyle of Believers in Jesus is severely threatened.

You remember Jesus. He's one of the Founders.....wrote the declaration, signed it over fifty times, wrote the Constitution and got it passed by enough states. And in the middle of all that he fought the Revolution singlehanded. Don't believe me? Ask Washington? Who do you think really got them safely through the winter at Valley Forge? And do you think he would go to all that trouble just to have the Congress and Judiciary pass just any laws? No Sireee! They passed His Laws! Right outa the Good Book!

Don't remember? First of all, The Defense of Marrige Act, Prohibition, repeal of Prohibition, Outcome Based Education, Founding era Slavery, abolition of Slavery, Bankruptcy laws, Abortion, Churches tax exemptions and last, but not least, the tens of thousands of rules, regulations and laws regarding the IRS. Yes, Jesus did it all!

And now they're tearing down this culture of Christ. And Christians are screaming because, for some reason, they can't seem to fathom life without all these American constructs. This just can't happen to American Christianity. So this American Jesus and his American lifestyle and values has got to be preserved and promoted.

Of course, there is an alternative. They could turn to the Jesus of the Bible and his laws about how to live among all cultures in this world. Having been tortured and murdered unjustly, I don't think any of us are going to lecture him on the proper response to unkind treatment. Then again, seeing that His purpose for coming into this world was to face this treatment on behalf of the human race, I don't think suffering on behalf of Jesus has many advocates or volunteers. No, this type of political activism requires a dedication of a different sort. It must be remembered, too, that the law undergirding this type of action is of a different sort. Therein lies the crux.

Whose law do we serve? The law of Man or the Law of a Holy God? Each set of laws manifests itself in a distinct culture. And by the way, those cultures are always at odds with one another, no exceptions.
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