Sunday, June 27, 2010

Christian America - The Good News

If you call yourself a "Christian," you probably don't mind the mission of a certain number of conservatives to thoroughly prove that the vast majority of American Founding Fathers were, not only Christians themselves, but intended to found The United States as a Christian Nation. After all, who would tend to argue with identifying with one of your own group?

And after all, who would want to oppose one who has believed the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Gospel? Who would want to denigrate in the slightest a person who has received eternal life through the grace of God? Who could say anything negative about one who has repented of their lifestyle before a holy God and accepted his way of reconciliation........and exercised the required faith mandated by that same God?

What about the Gospel itself? What is the Gospel? Does it matter in this issue of Christian America? If so, how?
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