Sunday, June 27, 2010

GOP - An Attractive Option Next to Obama?

With the Obama administration reeling under the weight of its own Democratic inexperience and ineptitude, not to mention the grossly unpopular policies touted and implemented in the past year and a half, is it any wonder that the Republicans are actually looking like a viable and attractive option for the mid term elections? Who thought that the GOP train wreck that aided in Obama's 2008 election would so soon find itself being sought by all manner of politically disgruntled citizens. All of a sudden, Republicans are't all that bad!

Can anyone say "Jeb Bush for President!"?

With such an unexpected political turnaround, do you feel like you have no clue about politics?

Have you considered the words of FDR being appropo?......... "If it happens in politics, it was planned that way"..........Does this thought seem foreign? Could an insider such as FDR actually be speaking the truth?

Could such a thought help us to begin to understand Politics?

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