Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones & God - Who Moved?

Jerry, God & Success!
 The merger of God, religion and sports has always been a mixed bag. Athletes regularly mention divine assistance in their professional quests, some more overtly than others, but they fail to somehow mention the true role God plays in defeat. Somehow, God only seems prominent in the success of a team and players.

America's Team has it's own claim to God, though. And it's generally been accepted within American culture since the 70's, when Lee Roy Jordan claimed that God was an active Spectator from Heaven through the hole in the Texas Stadium Roof. This became a part of the Legacy of the Cowboys.

This is also what was inherited by Jerry Jones in his purchase of the Cowboys in 1989. In fact, in the spirit of that legacy, Jerry later informed the world that he told God he only wanted three Super Bowl Trophies. After that, Jerry was on his own.
Jerry's frustrated!

Well, Jerry got his three from the most holy of sources. Since then, Jerry's been wildcattin'. For almost two decades, dry holes have become the replacement for Divine Approval. And Jerry's ticked off!

Jerry, try repentance! It surely can't hurt!.................But it does require a certain amount of submissive bending of the knee and heart.

But knowing Jerry, maybe he's relying on God blessing the just and the unjust. I'm fairly sure which one Jerry thinks he is. What I'm unsure about is which one God thinks Jerry is! It might make all the difference, a difference not seen for quite awhile around here.
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