Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones & Decade of Futility by Ryan Bush

This blog is about the Politics of Heaven. Since the Dallas Cowboys have the reputation of having God watch them through the hole in their stadium roof (The old Texas Stadium & the new Cowboys Stadium), I thought it only appropriate to mention the following news.

 +Ryan Bush from Central Texas is soon to publish a book, Decade of Futility - How the Leadership of Jerry Jones Transformed America's Team into a 21st Century Debacle and resulted in the Worst Decade in Dallas Cowboys History. He decided to initiate this project after publishing a weekly column about the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys Corner, in several small newspapers in Texas for three years.

Ryan has just initiated a blog and website (still under construction, but partially operable). Please visit the sites, take part in the conversation, and remember to leave your email address for immediate notification upon publication through Amazon, United States and Europe.
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