Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obama, Gun Rights & The 2nd Amendment - The Politics of Gun Control & Ammo

President Obama - Vice President Joe Biden leading the charge against guns!
The right to keep and bear arms as detailed by the 2nd Amendment has not been exactly an endearing part of the Unites States Constitution to President Barack Obama and his administration. In fact, since the latest school shooting in Connecticut, it has been under direct attack. Threats of the regulation of assault style weapons and their ammunition, even the outright banning of them, have abounded in an unprecedented manner as of late.
Ammo has become rare!
The result has been consequences unforeseen by most. While many have flocked to retail stores and local gun shows purchasing rifles and ammo, the ammo has suddenly become scarce. Retail shelves are bare of the most common ammo and unusually low on most other uncommon ammo.
Large crowds at gun shows
The blame for this situation may be foisted upon the citizenry at large, which shouldn't be entirely surprising since politics are involved and the current administration has never catered to those opposing their 2nd Amendment attacks. But this is really nothing more than a political smokescreen and, in this case, is really rather easy to see through.
Govt Agencies purchasing huge quantities of ammo.
The plain sight regarding this scenario is provided by remembering the previous actions of the Obama Administration during 2012. Non-Military Domestic Agencies have purchased more than 1.5 billion rounds of ammo during the past calendar year alone. The main reason given when Officials were asked about this unprecedented accumulation of ammo is simply the "need" for public safety.
Public Safety is the "Need."
Personally, I fail to see how it is safe for the average citizen to not have a bullet to use in his own gun when they legitimately need to defend themselves. I would conclude, that in this case, the individual citizen is completely on their own when it comes to acquiring ammo for personal private use. Political consistency would demand, however, in the spirit of ObamaCare, that the government mandate the personal purchase of a minimum amount of ammo for personal protection. Of course, that mandate would also include the mandatory purchase of a personal firearm for every adult citizen. (Wow! There's a thought for you)

The result of all this political chicanery is that government personnel are fully outfitted to defend themselves while the rights of the individual citizen are left intact, though effectively neutered without ammo for their 2nd Amendment arms.
Keep your guns, but what about ammo?
This sounds like hard ball politics with ammo being the actual weapon of choice.

Fortunately, the Child of God has more at stake in this look at future violence for the individual. God has promised in many places in the Bible to be the shield of protection if we look to Him. The problem for many is that they look to others besides God for personal security. And the discerning Christian understands that, sometimes, God may choose to include his people in the judgment executed upon others. And even the committed Child of God may be ready to stand firm in the face of tyranny, regardless of whether or not God delivers them. They simply refuse to disobey God, even if God allows them to die.
Ultimately, Whom do you trust?
So, you may Praise the Lord. You may pass the ammunition, if you have any. But Whom do you place your trust in?
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