Monday, January 15, 2007

Here is a quote from the above article by Pat Boone:

"If there were an evil genius coordinating the perfect plan to undermine the basis for all morality in America, one who had control of most influential media – movies, television, popular music, newspapers, magazines, radio and even ad agencies; if this genius could infiltrate the churches and many humanitarian organizations and convince them that the "old rules" no longer apply; and if he had the power to intimidate political leaders and judges into abandoning the "old rules" as well … he couldn't change our lives much more radically than they're already being changed."

Do you find yourself agreeing with Pat Boone?

If so, what is the proper response? How do you combat the onslaught of cultural change?

If not, in what way do you disagree with at Boone? And what is your response to the radical changes taking place?
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