Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ekklesia Emerging & The Quest For Knowledge

While the religious landscape of America is increasingly in turmoil through denominational divisions and separations, there is a movement gaining momentum known as Emerging or The Emerging Church or Emergent.
While there are many identifying characteristics of this movement which will be dicussed on this blog at a later time, one of them seems to be a quest for religious knowledge. While seeming to be a rather normal pursuit of traditional religious themes on the surface, oddities lie beneath........and beyond.
Questions, a normal pursuit of any objective Truth, are posed in a conversational style.
Answers? They come in abundance! Everyone has an answer or opinion.
Truthful Answers? AAAhhhh! That's another matter altogether. It seems that Truth becomes completely subjective to the seeker. Whatever feels right, sounds right, makes sense, is peaceful, civil, unifying, relational, community oriented, has purpose, not divisive, inclusive and not dogmatic possesses the possibility of being chosen by the individual as the Truth for that person. Scripture? It may be consulted, but don't count on it carrying enough spiritual weight to determine how the person should believe.
Bloggin with Emerging types can be eventful, to say the least. They seem to have an aversion to fixed positions!
Has this been your experience?
Do you consider yourself Emerging?
Talk to me!! Let's explore the concrete nature of the only sure foundation for life, Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God!
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