Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pizza and Pesos - A Volatile & Profitable Mix!

Who would have thought that the Mexican Peso, when used to purchase Pizza in the United States, would cause such an uproar? Such is the tender condition of the illegal immigration debate in this country, as well as Mexico, when a Pizza Chain, Pizza Patron, officially advertises its acceptance of Pesos as payment for its products. Death threats are the result!? Read all about it in this article by Word Net Daily.

Once again, the move toward a United North America marches on with animosities between Anglos and Mexicans subtly being agitated in both the United States and Mexico. Most have no clue about what lies behind the outward problems, their causes or eventual solutions. Of couse, if you know that the solution is the abolition of all effective national identities, the causes tend to appear on their own.

Meanwhile Pizza Patron acts as the local moneychanger for more than just its investors! Viva Pizza!
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