Sunday, January 14, 2007

In a revelation of hypocritical proportions, prolific author, talk show host, Pro family advocate and Psychologist James Dobson has publicly stated that he would not support John McCain for President. Why? Simply because of his stand on issues directly affecting families. Issues such as Traditional Marriage, Gay Marriage and Civil Unions. And where does McCain stand? He is for Gay Marriage and/or Gay civil unions which means that he is against Traditional marriage.

It is interesting that Dobson, pro family advocate that he is, would be so publicly critical of the McCain presidential bid over this issue, yet choose an entirely different route on the same issue when the George Bush re-election campaign was entering its final week before the 2004 election. What was this different route? Silence.......deafening silence!!!!!!

In case you're wondering what this refers to, I turn your attention to this interview of President Bush by approximately one week prior to the 2004 elections. In true inaugural tradition, President Bush foretells exactly how this whole Gay Marriage / Civil Union debate would eventually be settled. Add to that the Pro Gay stance Bush took during his first term, which hardly received a peep from conservative advocates, including Dobson, and you can understand my personal lack of excitement over such a seemingly bold stand by Dobson. At best, I consider it disingenuous. At worst, I consider it an intentional deception.

Of course, I am willing to be persuaded otherwise with credible evidence that Dobson and/or other Pro Family advocates sounded the alarm prior to the 2004 elections. Absent that credible response, James Dobson appears to have been stained by the political filth of those he has allied himself with. As well as their attempts to appear clean!
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